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Okay then, opinions be damned… here’s what I think:

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, July 21, 2002 at 11:40 am by flerly.

After a very successful cheese night ending in a attempted viewing of Gosford Park which ended up being too slow to keep us awake, we all crashed and called it a night. Saturday the options were go to the lake & possibly jet ski with total strangers from ‘s work or go to the poolside barbeque at ‘s beau’s downtown apartment.

So, as I said before, I’m pretty sure I made a lame impression at dinner the other night, and I’d like to hang out with Aoide and her beau to get to know them, so I decide bbq. Even manage to get a haircut that I can stand before going. decides he wants to stay awake and go, too, and even and go along… so it bodes well that we’ll have fun, and in my opinion we do. Their pool rocked, for max five feet deep. Plenty of seating around the edges, perfect for lounging in the pool with your drink. Par cooked and fed us, and we let the sun fry us while we goofed and chatted. Good Saturday. Going on 6ish, though, no-sleep was catching up with JT, even though he’d have been a trooper and stayed I know, and the sun and food was making the non-beer drinkers sleepy (aka. GB and myself), so we left after only about 3 1/2 hours, I guess, to the final goodbye taunt of Aoide telling me that leaving so early didn’t help my pussy reputuation with them, and that I was still lame. Great..

Ever seen those ghei Back to the Future movies… “What are you, McFly, Chicken?” Well, perhaps that’s me. I don’t like NOT to be liked, especially if i’m actually putting forth an effort. So, nevermind the fact that we showed for the barbeque, if we don’t stay and get drunk off our ass and go out partying with them later, we’re still lame. Or, maybe it’s just me. Apparently showing up is good enough for JT and GB. In hindsight, I should have taken the remark as reminder number one of how I dont like being sober around drunk people, but did I? Nah…

So after the taunt, I tell Aoide and Tiger66466 to call me later and we’ll go out.. the HOPE was Backstreet/dancing type thing, because that’s what we’d been talking about. Dumbass me didn’t even think that the Highlander would be in the picture. I didn’t ask, they didn’t volunteer.. actually, though when they called I do think I asked, and I’m pretty sure I got the response of “we have no plans, we’re just sitting around the apartment drinking”… so, well, I hadn’t seen Aoide’s new little gnome-apartment yet, so I decide to go. GB, probably with an insight she didn’t realize, decides to stay home in comfy pants.

The directions were good, the parking didn’t suck, the apartment is cute, and the orange-vodka drinks were good. Even had fun sitting around answering the “Would you rather…” questions from some game Aoide had, but have to say that the Highlander blew. How many times have I said that I don’t like to go out just to drink beer (since i dont drink beer) and sit around staring at each other…. um.. who does? Oh wait.. apparently my alchy friend Aoide and her beau do, and I knew that, because well, she’s got 8 million highlander stories and most hit LJ at some point. What was I thinking? With any other group of people going out, I can not drink and still do whatever they’re doing and have fun, but when you just go out to sit around a table and drink beer together… well, the not drinking get’s noticed, and some people who can be annoying and beligerant when they get drunk won’t just let you be, until you make a total fuss, then they have to compensate and offer you water every 30 seconds to drive home that they’ve accepted you’re not drinking and are trying drunkenly to be supportive.

So anyway.. I must be totally lame, and I guess I will just accept that. I didn’t go out planning to be the sober one, but I dont drink beer, and I think that’s pretty well known among my friends.. The company was okay, the people watching was okay (it was trailer trash/ retro night apparently… ), but again, not being able to get to the one pool table, nobody sober enough to stand to play foosball, the air hockey table sucked even if Aoide hadn’t been so drunk she was knocking it into her own goal and giggling, and a jukebox with the worst selection of crap I’ve ever encountered, not that the songs I did find played any louder or less distorted than the radio station that had been playing. No, for the 20th time I do not want to play the snowmobile game with the vibrating seat, because well, I’m not in the “scream with orgasmic delight over the vibrating seat machine mood” and if i didn’t make a fuss while I played, well, wouldn’t that just be another example of what a “wet blanket” I am for SOME PEOPLE to point out, loudly, in their repetitive way. Kudos to Tiger66466 for her cowgirl approach to the vibrating seat machine, you were turning heads girl. Too bad there wasn’t anybody there worth impressing.

So, some people are going to read this and think I’m a total bitch and totally trashed them, but well, that’s so not true. I really enjoy their company, we just need to moderate the situations we are in together, because some people like to get drunk and, oh i don’t know, throw quarters at my face or tell total strangers that pull over to harass us to “give us a ride” or just go on and on about how lame I am not to be drinking. And for the record, I don’t the deserve the “i’m so glad you stayed out with us all night” comment, because well, my keys were locked in your apartment, or maybe you just didn’t remember.

Did I have any fun? Hell yes, I did. The… oh.. five hours we spent around the table there did contain some interesting conversation, tiger66466 is a laugh riot, and the pink half-shirt guy was insanely funny, but for the record.. that is so not my scene, and lame or no, I hope you know now that I’m planning to decline any future invites out to “hang and drink”. I should have made sure I had my keys on me, and I should have left when I started feeling annoyed… which probably wouldn’t have upped my lame status any more than me staying and not drinking did, and I would have had a lot less to gripe over the day after.

And well, just to top off the entry I’ll try to pin my lousy experience trying to find I-85 north on “some people” too….

Nah, that doesn’t work.

I’m sure there are some city planners that need their ass kicked, though.


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