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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, July 23, 2002 at 11:20 am by flerly.

Got a lot done yesterday again, including MAKING myself stay at work until after 5, even though I was actually done with my work by shortly after 4. In that time I actually studied some XML.

Got home and hooked up with GB for some shopping, including a quick trip to best buy and old navy, before the much dreaded grocery store. Which reminds me, I meant to investigate what the heck is up with Krogers apparently removing little debbies from their stores. I thought it was just the one big weird Kroger, but now I went to the nearby one, where I know exactly where they should be, and the entire display is gone. We went up and down every aisle, and there are no little debbies to be found. Something is terribly rotten in the store of Krogers….

Put away piles of groceries, GB did most of the dishes while I brought down the ones I’d been hoarding in the bedroom (no shit, 9 glasses and a bowl were stashed in there), and even did some more laundry. Changed bedsheets, cleaned up the bathroom, read some more XML…. yeah, got a lot done. JamesT even managed to play tennis and change the oil in my car while I was doing house schiznit… then of course, I dont see him until after 4am, when he decides he’s killed enough people on Counterstrike or whatever that he can sleep now. He’s been too quiet, lately. Dunno what’s up. If you read this, duh you will, just know that people who are too quiet disturb me… makes me think something is wrong.

Oh well. Can’t decide if work is busy or not… is that weird? Don’t really have a lot in front of me to do at the moment, hence the major LJ goofoff time.. but the buzz about projects coming up is thick. Probably means I’ll get slammed again soon. They like to do that around the end of the month.

FINALLY got my new medical and dental cards (guess no more excuses about that Dental appointment), even signed up for my 401k online last night. damn, i did do a lot of home shit..

Doesn’t look like the gift I ordered for Janow is gonna make it, since today is his birthday. Oh well, better late than never.

Is that enough babble? yeah… think so.


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