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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, July 24, 2002 at 11:33 am by flerly.

Let me say, number 1, I totally agree with Aoide… so tired lately, and no idea why… probably related to being fat and lazy, to paraphrase.

So, I wake up just before the alarm again, this time with a sinus headache from hell, my nose is burning, my eyes feel swollen… which I don’t understand, since I just changed out sheets and cleaned the bedroom.. must be the stupid fan. I was already so tired when I lay down that I slept in my clothes on top of the covers the whole night, which was sort of disturbing when I woke up. Then I wake up feeling like I’d been hit over the head… ick. Not a good day.

So I go down to email work to see if it’s a good day to work in peace and quiet from home on the two little projects I have… and at 7:30 there were already new emails from this morning from the scheduler with more shit to do, though thankfully it was all stuff possible to do from here. That settled, I gobble down Tylenol and take my propped-open eyes back to bed for a bit. Finally at about the time I’m usually at work, the phone rings, I ignore it, but wake up this time feeling only a dull head pain, which is good enough to get going on.

Okay, so it’s only two hours later, and again, another pile of new emails from the scheduler.. more stuff. Didn’t I say something about getting dumped on always at the end of the month? And the worse kind… stuff I fixed yesterday is UNfixed today. I did fix it… I have witnesses it was working, I didn’t break it… why not hunt down WHY it broke and have THEM fix it instead of me again, huh?

I’m just bitter, feeling sore, and ugh so headachy. I hate dust. I hate allergies. I hate… blech.. being lazy and out of shape. GB and I have almost guilted ourselves into using the gym…. soon, soon.

Oh well… now that I’ve ranted a bit I feel better. This pause was supposed to be to hunt down breakfast/lunch to refuel.


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