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tired.. tired… tired…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, July 24, 2002 at 8:56 pm by flerly.

Somehow, in this blur of a day spent falling asleep off and on in a big brain-haze that Tylenol couldn’t seem to squelch, I managed to actually do all my work for the day. It just really is so much easier to get shit done here at home, without 8 million distractions and on a computer that doesn’t blue screen every 10 minutes.

Blah… just rambling now. Feeling majorly shitty still… which translates: felt okay earlier, then partook of some majorly tempting Petros all the way from Chattanooga special, so now I’ve turned into fat, bloated, idiot-girl again… ready to pass out or throw up or whatever requires less effort. Ick.. sorry. Bummer. In desperate need of some fricking water in this house… drinking nothing but rootbeer all day has left me… feeling thick.

Anyway.. on the non-disgusting side of life… I’ve found the cutest Lilo & Stitch wallpaper and it just makes me smile thinking of how cute/funny that movie actually was… and I just can’t believe it was Disney. Spent a while goofing last night on the official website, watching all the Stitch trailers that ran… Aladdin, Little Mermain, Beauty and the Beast… all interrupted by the disruptive little blue freak. I’m still wondering on some level if the fact that the movie was set in Hawaii is what won me over about it and not just the absolute freakishness of both Lilo & Stitch…. and well, the Elvis obsession was hilarious, too. Yeah, i’m pretty sure that’s one kiddy movie I’m gonna buy, to watch over and over whenever I’m feeling down.

Anyway.. the fembots are walking all over some security guards, so I guess I should get back into the Austin Powers flick. And I should perhaps investigate what Magoo is doing with her scissors to those magazines spread all over the floor.


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