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Cornell obsess much?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 11:59 am by flerly.
(1:03:32 PM) bsdn jamest: So… Plans tonight??
(1:03:35 PM) theflerlyone: =)
(1:03:37 PM) theflerlyone: yup
(1:03:52 PM) theflerlyone: i won the “get on Chris Cornell’s guestlist” tickets
(1:03:57 PM) theflerlyone: from the fan club
(1:04:10 PM) bsdn jamest: =]
(1:04:22 PM) bsdn jamest: Who ya gonna take? xD
(1:04:24 PM) theflerlyone: crazy my phone was on me, but it was
(1:04:33 PM) theflerlyone: you mean who am i going to make go with me?
(1:04:38 PM) theflerlyone: duh
(1:04:41 PM) bsdn jamest: =]
(1:05:01 PM) bsdn jamest: that’s pretty awesome though!
(1:05:20 PM) theflerlyone: they just said tickets, i don’t think there’s anything else with it… but i’m supposed to go to willcall, tell them i won the guestlist tickets and they’re under my name
(1:06:02 PM) theflerlyone: i accused the guy of playing a trick on me
(1:06:11 PM) theflerlyone: =)
(1:06:26 PM) theflerlyone: Kit was there
(1:07:19 PM) bsdn jamest: Awesome =]
(1:07:28 PM) bsdn jamest: He picked you…
(1:07:37 PM) bsdn jamest: “HE”
(1:07:41 PM) theflerlyone: oh shut up
(1:07:50 PM) bsdn jamest: You’re his #1 fan…
(1:07:54 PM) bsdn jamest: he follows YOU
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