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get off my lawn

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, October 9, 2011 at 2:01 am by flerly.

(3:14:11 PM) theflerlyone: so are you still not busy?
(3:14:23 PM) theflerlyone: because i have a stupid observation to make
(3:14:35 PM) bsdn jamest: Ooookay?
(3:14:42 PM) theflerlyone: Spotify — have you used it?
(3:14:48 PM) bsdn jamest: nope
(3:14:52 PM) theflerlyone: everyone’s new awesome music source
(3:15:34 PM) theflerlyone: it can read your own music libraries, even iTunes, plus it has a metric ton of music to stream… and it lets you create playlists and such
(3:16:27 PM) theflerlyone: it looks kind of like iTunes… but anyway… the FREE version has ads… which aren’t too annoying except that i just noticed that even if you happen to be using it to play only your own local music files, it will still play ads
(3:17:01 PM) theflerlyone: which leads me to wonder why would one ever use that feature to play your own local music through it if it just adds commercials to your playlists
(3:17:33 PM) bsdn jamest: how much is the paid version?
(3:17:46 PM) theflerlyone: So henceforth i shall call this software STUPIFY instead of SPOTIFY and continue to be baffled by why anybody is impressed with it
(3:17:59 PM) bsdn jamest: ****bsdn jamest nods
(3:18:03 PM) theflerlyone: hold on, let me hit the GIANT upgrade button and find out
(3:18:31 PM) bsdn jamest: heh
(3:18:37 PM) theflerlyone: $5 a month for no ads version
(3:18:59 PM) theflerlyone: $10 a month for mobile use and “offline mode” for your playlists that might include music you don’t own
(3:18:59 PM) bsdn jamest: can you save any of the music for offline play?
(3:19:07 PM) bsdn jamest: ahhh
(3:19:16 PM) theflerlyone: but it doesn’t add them to your library
(3:20:00 PM) theflerlyone: oh, and apparently the free version limits how many and how often you can stream their songs
(3:20:11 PM) theflerlyone: which i hadn’t realized in 3 days of using it but had to read just now
(3:20:54 PM) theflerlyone: i am, of course, playing a lot of my own music with it… but bleh. this realization makes me feel old. Why don’t I understand why people like this thing?
(3:21:23 PM) bsdn jamest: …Lousy kids and their music
(3:21:34 PM) theflerlyone: i think it’s about lazy kids and their music
(3:22:01 PM) theflerlyone: who bothers to actually have their own copy of anything when everything they want to hear is found immediately in the ether via some service
(3:22:09 PM) theflerlyone: over their awesome phone speakers
(3:25:10 PM) bsdn jamest: But it’s got Dre BEATS speakers!! I know that they’re only 5mm in size, but DRE!!
(3:25:46 PM) theflerlyone: we are totally going to be those old people
(3:25:52 PM) theflerlyone: you know… THOSE old people
(3:25:53 PM) bsdn jamest: seriously

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