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oh JEEZ is it Friday yet?!?!?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, July 25, 2002 at 4:14 pm by flerly.

Well, a little less than two hours until the lovely and talented Girlblah tries to make her way to Comstock so we can all hook up for pre-movie goofing off. Billy expressed interest in getting pre-movie food, but declined otherwise hanging out with the “girls” because we do “girly windowshopping” and he couldn’t “be seen” with us…

I am so bleeding bored I think my head is going to explode. Yes, I have work to do, but my concentration is totally fried. Actually, our scheduler is moving and going on vacation, so he won’t be here tomorrow thru next Friday, so he has been piling on the reworks and various crap that he wants me to do while he’s gone. There seems to be some correlation between how full my inbox is getting and how bad my concentration is.

Since my weird-sleep-schedule, video-game-addicted, no-pager-answering boyfriend isn’t available for harassment today, I guess I’m especially bored… not that he chats with me during the day really. I dunno… I just get bummed thinking it’s his “Monday”, so he’ll be heading to work at midnight, and I’m spending this last possible evening together of the week going off with other people to see Austin Powers. Of course, he’s a lamer and doesn’t want to go anyway, and well, if I were home, we probably wouldn’t hang out anyway… and blah, i’m just babbling and bored.

Will someone PLEASE make the TIME go by FASTER today…

I was having a sort of pleasant email conversation with JasonC today, but he always gets too preoccupied in the afternoons to reply to emails. Damned engineering meetings. Even Janow had to relocate his office at work today and hasn’t been online.

Blah.. I guess it’s time for some hard-core web browsing…


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