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I hope it’s not contagious…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 12:00 am by flerly.

(11:09:12 AM) theflerlyone: They went to the build a bear workshop and built a cute little bear with a recording saying “you’re going to be a grandma and grandpa!”
(11:09:24 AM) Musily: awww
(11:09:29 AM) Musily: so cute
(11:09:52 AM) theflerlyone: so… they give it to pete & joyce and joyce plays it… and SAYS she just didn’t hear what it said, because her reaction was “What the hell did that bear say?”
(11:10:27 AM) theflerlyone: which apparently cracked them all up
(11:10:28 AM) Musily: Hahahahahah
(11:10:32 AM) Musily: oh totally
(11:10:37 AM) Musily: too funny
(11:11:10 AM) theflerlyone: Steven’s mom — they did something else for, but when she opened it they said she just kept saying “Well, Damn! Well, Damn!”
(11:11:23 AM) theflerlyone: so lots of good reactions
(11:11:33 AM) Musily: hahaha awesome


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