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not shaping up to be the best morning…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, July 26, 2002 at 11:07 am by flerly.

When the first thing that happens to me when I get to work is consultant-Bob proudly sends me some new pictures of one of our clients cabins for a website we are doing, which are supposed to replace out the old pictures from several years ago, and these new pictures look like trashy mobile homes in the woods as compared to the pictures of log cabins from before….. well, I knew it wasn’t going to be good. I show them to Marc and we laugh, “if we change those out, we’ll have to reregister their domain to be www.trailersatcarolinahomes.com instead of cabinsatcarolinahomes”…

So Bob signs on MSN and asks if I got his pictures. He stayed in the second one pictured, he says, and the people were SO nice. He had a wonderful time. Okay.. so he is oblivious to the fact that these are pictures of trailers, so I SAY to him, “Ugh, these pictures look more like mobile homes than cabins. I don’t think we want to replace the existing pictures with these.”

So he gets all offended… “I don’t understand why you don’t like these…”

So I try to explain.. “I’m just comparing these to the existing pictures of log cabins on the website. These look like trailers. At best, we should probably just add these to the site instead of replacing out the other ones.”

He is upset. There are supposed to be a dozen cabins up there, and he manages to drive all the way up there and takes two pictures of trailers and that’s it. Ghei. Next time, send somebody with an eye for … um.. let’s see… NOT taking pictures that look like white-trash breeding grounds?

…. but then… THE REST OF THE STORY…
A few strained silence minutes later, I get the real pictures. They ARE cabins. Apparently these trailers were on the way to the real location, and he couldn’t resist snapping picts of them for just such a gag.

Good one, Bob.


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