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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, July 27, 2002 at 12:37 am by flerly.

Who opens with their best known song? Huh? Who does that? Little no-name bands who want to fire up the crowd so they’ll sit through the rest of the 50 minutes of sucky music they never heard of… but the Violent Femmes?

So yeah, our taxi was slow and we missed the opening, and thus, no blister in the sun for us.

Earlier, embarrassed that we had left work so early and had arrived at cheese at 5:36, we managed to kill 4 minutes cleaning out the Kitmobile before we went in. Yeah.. nobody else showed until 6:30, the regularly scheduled time. Magaroni was even later. But no matter the arrival time, the margaritas were flowing and the cheese dip was steaming… the girl talk was abound, and much to our surprise, MEN actually called and wanted to invade our cheese. We told them no, but they still hooked up about 8:30 to follow/drive us downtown for the concert, which… again… we managed to miss the beginning of. Ghei.

So… as to the men… it was the ever pleasant Billy and our debatable-office-boy-toy Jason, aka “the alien”. Perhaps after tonight we can call him .. aka “the stalker”. On some scientific level, observation of subject “Jason”, whom we should perhaps tag in case he migrates, was for me intriguing. When we arrived, he had to “walk around to do a body search”, then he manages to find us again, and stand stiffly, hands in pockets, scoping out “chicks” then making his way over to stand next to them… then…. well, no and then. That’s it. He stands there. He doesn’t look at them.. in fact he tries very hard to not seem as if he even wants to look at them. Then, well, he wanders back to us smiling at his “triumph”, then scopes out the next girl. So.. finally I say to him “man, you look like a stalker. at least dance, pretend to have fun, maybe even bump into her and say excuse me or something… at least then you could look her in the face up close for a second…”

But no. He was content. Thus is recorded the mating habit of the rare, and apparently endangered “churchill’, because after this observation, he’s not going to be doing any reproducing in this lifetime.

Yeah.. so his CRTY status among the “gang” has officially been revoked, though I argue the subject bears further study.

Anyway… tired, bored, stupid… going to sleep.


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