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Blue Light Special at Comstock

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, August 1, 2002 at 11:09 am by flerly.

Well, Geraldo Rivera is here today opening the mysterious Comstock storage vaults in the back… supposedly these vaults are full of Comstock swag, and since the buyout with the Comstock name only being good for another year, the management has deemed that all that swag can no longer be handed out to customers… thus it is open season for the staff to rummage through. It’s mostly guy stuff.. but I’ll go check it out further.

On other fronts… got a “wonderful” message yesterday which I will quote… I had to leave early yesterday for a … ahem.. “household emergency”.. and I couldn’t find the operations manager to let him know I was leaving.. so I emailed him. When I got home I found…

From: Paul Hatcher
To: Kim Johnson
Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 2:13 PM
Subject: Re: ugh.. problem

No problem. It is very obvious to me from the amount of work you complete that you are more than carrying your load…whether at home or at work. I will see you tomorrow.
– Paul H.

w00t! ego-booster, for me at least.

Next on the LJ spam agenda is the interesting cheese posse email spamming today. Perhaps someone will post it, but the highlight for ME today was the careless moment when I left my email open to a cheese posse message containing the word “penis” prominently displayed right at the top while I was talking to some walk-up traffic at work. Realized something embarrassing was probably on my screen when I saw her look over my shoulder and flinch, but tried to play it off. Then of course, she leaves and I see the “penis” message. Yeah.. “FNIS reserves the right to read any emails..” Wonder if they’ll enjoy mine. At least they are entertaining.

Also on the “lousy day” front is todays very unhappy chat I’ve been having with my niece in Florida. She is close, more like a sister and a best friend, and she is telling me a very sad story about a possible breakup between her and her Navy boy, whom she has been living with for a while now. She’s very sad and confused by him, and just not sure what she can do to get out of there if he does decide to throw her out. To top it off, her mom, my sis is going thru some bad emotional stuff because her husband’s father is in the hospital and not doing well. So my sis is all troubled because a year after losing Dad she is watching another father figure go through illness, so my niece is having trouble talking to her mom about her relationship issues because she doesn’t want to add to her misery…. so I am hearing all of it. =\ Just not sure what to do. Think I’m going to try to send her some dough to help her get moved out and settled in. She and her bf have had a trip planned to new orleans for a while, and it’s this weekend. She said this was going to be their big heart to heart weekend, and when she comes back she hopes to know the whole situation. I just feel terrible for her.


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