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it must be the tapwater…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, February 2, 2002 at 5:49 pm by flerly.

MAN i had the weirdest dream about my bf last night. it’s dumb, but it was weird. i dreamt i found out he was having this illicit internet sex affair with kit! See i signed online one night on aol at some funky hour.. then i did that locate thing on him to see if you he was chatting and it said he was in a private room. Then i noticed kit was online and it said SHE was in a private room, too. Well, the logic skips out on this one, because next thing I know I’m hitting the “go there” button and boom, i’m in this private room with them (even though duh.. not very private if anybody can join, huh?) But anyway.. instead of being a chat room exactly.. what i see is a window that opens and is flipping though pictures that theyare displaying to each other. It goes through all these sexy, blue tinted shots of them.. not together, but like a headshot of her, then a shot of him leaning in and kissing someone’s neck, but you cant see whose, then a shot of her head lying on a man’s chest, then there’s this shot of him, full head to toe from the back (like a glimpse i might get from a peak in the shower), and he’s looking back over his shoulder at the camera. In all these the light is tinted very blue and the only thing that
contrasts really is their blonde hair.. both of them. it was weird, and very sexy actually. In my dream that’s about all i got to see before he realized that i was in the private room with them… then the room froze on that last shower shot and text started appearing over it. It was him telling kit “Flerly is in the room with us” .. then it all kind of fades out.

Strange or what? i wish i could paint or draw worth a damn.. i’d really like to recreate some of the images of him from the dream.


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