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It was the best of times.. it was the worst of times…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, August 2, 2002 at 11:54 pm by flerly.

Well, it started off an all right day. Leftover PF Changs for lunch, nummy… little tax-free shopping at the Goody’s, bought some cool lace up jeans… work was slow. They’d hand me work, I’d do it.. it’d take 2 minutes. They did that like… 5 times. That’s what… 10 minutes total work? Well, there was all the discussion and build up to the work… but mostly there was just boredom and the desire to leave.

Finally couldn’t stand it.. took off about 4:45 thinking I could hit the media play and look for Donnie Darko score for JT, which I found, then realized it was still way to early to hit cheese. SO, I decide I’ll go right on Barrett and up 41 instead of left and up the interstate…. just to kill time. Lucky me.. everyone on Barrett wants to go straight and not left up 41, so the lane that winds up the left-turn-only lane was clear for blocks alongside the 3 crawling lanes trying to go straight. Right as I’m coming up to the break in the median where you can turn into Carmax, I see a car pulling across the road, apparently thru a break in the 3 lanes of stopped traffic, trying to cross all 4 lanes of Barrett to make a left. Problem is.. when I see the car she is pulling across my lane, at about a car length in front of me… right out from the solid line of stopped cars, ie. out of no-where, and best of all, not even looking my direction as she tries to gauge the oncoming traffic on the other side of the median. SO, I slam on the brakes, nowhere to go left (median) or right (cars) but I manage to squeeze into the rightmost portion of the lane and just clip her tail end with the corner of my headlight. It makes a sickening crunch and I see pieces of red plastic flying, that can only be her tail light. Well, she’s headed the other way, so I flip on the left signal, since the oncoming traffic is still stopped at the 41 light and there’s no way in hell i’m getting over to the right. Right there is Carmax, so I stop.. check out the damage, and then realize that the chick didn’t even stop. I pop my side reflector back into place, hop back in the car, and think.. maybe she stopped further down…. but no. I went all the way back down Barrett and no sign of the damaged sky-blue escort or its clueless driver. This is one of those days where I curse not having a cell phone. It’s 5 o’clock.. Friday rush hour.. Barrett Pkwy is packed, and I just got whacked by a chick that drove off. Great… so no phone. Traffic is a bitch. So.. I go to cheese and decide to wash away my anger with cheese and margaritas (of which I sit down and order a full pitcher, even though i’m the only posse member there yet).

Oh well… but that’s neither here nor there now. In the morning I’ll call the insurance company so they can tell me to fix it myself. After cheese was supposed to be a hookup at the Dunwoody Marta to go see Collective Soul.. blah blah.. old news. New news is… Jason missed us. Then Kit ditched us. Then the sky opened up and the rain came down on us as we laughed and danced and tried not to step in pizza, then we realized that it was actually breezy and cold and just about downright uncomfortable. Those cool lace-up jeans now weigh 10 lbs more and I’m loving the white t-shirt now.. =\

So we split before Sevendust plays, to beat the crowd… marta back to Dunwoody, and lo and behold… Jason’s car is parked there. He did show up and we missed him. Oh well… bummer. Who cares.. must get home and get out of heavy wet jeans. Thinking I probably should have left a note on his car or something… but oh well.

There were some interesting moments at cheese, which have inspired me to write a mock-cheese-posse story to help launch the formulation of our cheese-posse franchise. Also some interesting moments at the concert… namely the muscle-guys striking poses for Stacy. We were graced with the presence of a perky 6-year old young man on the Marta, which was kinda cute. And now… to end the evening right… SeaLab 2021 episodes are playing, and I’m happy. It’s about all I can stand to do cuz my freaking shoulders are aching so bad from working out late last night. Strange how I didn’t seem to notice them until the end of this too long day.

Marco (to Stormy): “Now use the pincer and grab the squid’s tentacle…”
Murphy: “…And tell him to cough!”
Marco: “I said, ‘tentacle!'”


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