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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, August 4, 2002 at 2:28 pm by flerly.

Oh my God, somebody please shoot me if I ever attempt to pig-out on fondue fixings again like I did tonight…. It was a fine feast for a Sex in the City catch-up party, but my God, we just didn’t know when to stop. Really wish Aoide had showed up, we certainly had enough for her, too.

That was… what… 5 hours ago and i’m still feeling like a fat bloated idiot…. ugh….

And now.. can’t sleep. But lo, checking my email this late has made for an interesting surprise… SOMEBODY decided to write me email over the weekend to my home addy instead of waiting for the usual Monday work banter… interesting, si? I thought so. Not that the email was…. JC just confirmed that he’d missed us Friday night because he was late leaving work, went by himself, and had a good time anyway. He’s wondering if I know anyplace good downtown to live and/or possibly meet college chicks, because he figures it’s about time he hooked up with somebody, along with a lovely monologue on how lovely the evening was Saturday and how much he likes to swim… Nice to know I can play shrink/relationship counselor on the weekends, too.

*sigh* Well, JT and I managed to go eat lunch and catch Signs together today, but he stayed mostly in his little tired/quiet shell pretty much all day. He did say something about splurging on an early birthday present for me… so he could play with it… which of course I guessed… a keyboard.

Oh well. I should go lay down and perhaps trick myself into sleep… maybe I’ll go outside and look for Kitty first. She likes to run off when she gets the chance, and though she’s fixed now and I guess safe to go out… she’s still a little dumbass without a collar. What if someone doesn’t recognize her evil ways and tries to take her in as a stray? Nah.. she’s too well fed for that. More likely she’s just out exploring.


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