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y0 cheese posse

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, August 6, 2002 at 10:00 am by flerly.

Not all the posse members have access to post to the community. I think you may need to go back to: http://www.livejournal.com/community/create.bml to fix dat.

Many thank yooz.



  1. schlemaggle has made a Comment

    hrm. should be fixed now.

    August 6, 2002 @ 4:51 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    still doesn’t give me access to post to it. =\


    August 6, 2002 @ 6:14 am

  3. schlemaggle has made a Comment

    it won’t let anyone post from the community page…it doesn’t let you select it from the “select active journal” tabby when you post from the client? maybe try logging out and relogging back in?

    *boggling, too*

    August 6, 2002 @ 6:37 am

  4. tiger66466 has made a Comment

    i got to it by clicking on the link and then clicked on the join community link. then said it was ok for it to be in my friend’s list. then you have to get out of your client completely and when you log back in you can select the cheese posse to sign in as.

    August 6, 2002 @ 11:05 am

  5. schlemaggle has made a Comment

    that’s what i thought, but it wasn’t working for kim. should be fixed now. we’ll just wait on skittums and miss christina to join and then be elitists and close it again so that no one else can join without our collective approval.

    August 6, 2002 @ 1:50 pm

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