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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, August 6, 2002 at 2:52 pm by flerly.

On a sad note, just got word that my sis’s father-in-law went in for his open-heart surgery today and they couldn’t perform the operation because they found a tumor wrapped around and in his heart. They just closed him up and took him back to the room. They’re not hopeful that anything can be done for him. Apparently it was so intertwined with his heart that they couldn’t even tell it was there by the X-ray.

Ugh.. feeling nasty still. Sorry I gave in and came to work for cheese. Apparently the tiny alien invader that’s trying to tunnel its way out of my brain at a point someplace over my left ear is not daunted by caffeine or tylenol. He also seems to have eaten through the logical thought centers of my brain and whatever area gives me ideas for half-way decent looking mockups, cuz everything I’ve worked on today just blows goats.


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