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a surge of power….

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 12:39 am by flerly.

…apparently it happened the other day in the morning.. the lights flashed.. Maggie heard one of my monitors click loudly, and then I come downstairs to find one PC locked up and the other powered off. So far the older PC seems to be its usual sluggish self, but the newer one no longer recognizes the mouse. Ghei ghei ghei. How annoying. So much for surge protectors.

So, I’m just sitting around, hyped-up on the too much lemon zinger tea I’ve had to drink, waiting around for the movie-going JT to get to work. Supposedly he met Norm for a second viewing of Signs before work, but he SAID 10:15, and Signs started earlier… in fact K19: the widowmaker starts at 10:15, and I wonder if he saw that or just confused up the times and was thus late for the other movie. I also wonder if the movies let him haul his backpack into the theater, since he was on the bike. Hope it wasn’t a hassle. I THOUGHT of that like probably a minute after he pulled away from the house, but oh well.. I’m sure he figured something out.

This other PC not working is a major annoyance right now. I have so much work to get done tomorrow and I know it will mean working Saturday… which I really hope I wont have to go into the office for. I thought I might work on it some tonight, but instead I was possessed by my mother or something, and decided to clean house, do dishes, take out trash, and generally not sit down for a long time. Wish I’d just come home and gone to the pool as intended…. eyes probably wouldn’t be burning so much right now from the dust if I had.

Well, in other news, Donnie Darko seems to have drawn a nice crowd for tomorrow. will probably even be here, and is actually looking forward to watching it again. told me today she asked George at lunch if he wanted to come over and watch Donnie Darko with the gang on Friday, and he said “You mean watch my copy?” … so I guess he liked it enough to own it. Just thought that was interesting.

Managed to lift some weights and stretch out pretty good a little while ago, but that curse-ed scale bought and left prominently/annoyingly in our kitchen still managed to move the wrong way today. Perhaps it’s the gallon of tea. Thinking about motivating to get up and either do a tape or hit the elliptical machine at the gym in the morning. Guess that depends on how awake I really am, and thus how long it takes me to fall asleep. May have to resort to sleep aids and just knock myself out.

Funny, I’m actually feeling sort of sad that nothing too exciting has happened to me this week to relate at cheese. All I’ve got are more Jas-Con chat garbage stories, and I don’t think the girls are into “the alien/stalker” enough to care. I’d like to chat about us getting together and doing sporty stuff, like maybe playing some all girl tennis on Saturdays for some exercise and to take advantage of the summer before it’s gone… but well, talking diet and exercise over cheese may get me banned.

Well, I guess that’s enough babble. I’ll just continue to sit around and pump Kazaa for new audio distractions…. have to take advantage of the bandwidth while everyone else is asleep/gone. Ooh! Ooh! Perhaps I should look for some gay porn for future after cheese girlie get togethers! Kazaa’s cheaper than buying new tapes, ladies! And, well, we know it’s good for porn.


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