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what a long day…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, August 13, 2002 at 12:07 am by flerly.

Once again started the day with the intent to get up early and go to the gym, and slacked off hitting snooze for over an hour. =\ Well, made up for it hopefully with some time on the elliptical machine and a bout with the recumbent bike, and a good half hour of roll ups/crunches and serious stretching. Now I’m just pooped.. sore, and downright stinky.

But, as the computer desk is on the level in between where I was and my shower, well, I have paused to babble a little. I’m still thinking about that book. I’ll probably write up some stuff in the morning about it, but I have to note that I cannot believe how much it has totally changed my attitude toward things today. Had a long talk with a sort of bummed out best friend today and found myself having trouble explaining all the principles I’d read enough for them to motivate him, too. He hates this town. He hates his job. He is ready to just run away from it all, and there’s really not a lot I can say that can make anything better for him. I have to say I hate the traffic in this town, that’s for sure…

Hrm… it’s midnight and JT’s pager is going off. =\ He’s not on call or anything, so screw whatever ho is trying to reach him…I’ll tell him after he’s done counterstriking for the night.

… anyway.. funny how those noisy electronic gizmos can make you lose your whole train of thought. Perhaps that’s my cue to shaddap and go shower. If I don’t hurry I’m going to miss Daria.


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