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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 2:26 pm by flerly.

Well, to quote: “truly you have attained foosball zen”

Yeah, I guess I was on today. Greg and me made a pretty tough team, so long as I stick to offense. So who in the gang wants to help feed my addiction and change sushi plans to sidelines for dinner, but we skip dinner and just play more foosball all night?

I guess it just makes up for yesterday’s performance of “retarded-girl tries to prepare and eat ravioli” that I did, which led to my having to use many napkins on many surfaces multiple times, including the washing of my face in the restroom. Ugh.. I couldn’t hold onto anything yesterday…

Anyway.. not too terribly sore after pumping up the workouts some last night. Upper back is feeling tense, but there’s always the chance that’s just mood based. =\ Slept hard once I fell asleep.. I guess around 2:30, then woke up at 5:30 so freaking hot. Had to kick off the covers, which also rudely dislodged the Kitty, but she forgave me and went to sleep where she’d landed in the floor. Lay awake for a long while, thinking about how I’d totally let my emotions run out of check on me again last night, and was sort of mad at myself for the whole thing. I just fill my mind with the most hateful thoughts… and looking back on it then, I felt both silly and sad. Like.. on Spin City last night there was a smart chimp who was playing piano and chess and understood English, etc… and later that night when I tried a couple times to impose my mood on JT to no avail, I just kept thinking to myself.. “You’re smarter than a chimp, damnit, and even a chimp would have picked up on the negative reinforcement and stopped trying by now.” Over, and over, and over it ran in my brain. Am I smarter than a chimp? I mean, am I not smart enough to know when to quit? I LET myself get upset over it, and could not just manage to breathe and accept and move on.

So anyway.. blah. Poor sleep again but perhaps somehow balanced by my increased exercise. Maybe someday I’ll get everything right, sleep through the night, take a vitamin, and exercise and wow won’t I just be a well balanced person. Yeah, someday, but not today, my good man.

I’m still looking for some FUN exercise stuff to do, the only hope of which seems to be Kit, who had consented to some tennis with me, and hopefully hasn’t changed her mind since I ditched on her last night. I sorta kinda wish we could get the foursome cheeseposse together for tennis once or twice a week, but that’s just me imposing my wishes on other people again, so I’ll prepare in advance for that to fall thru and me to NOT be upset and blame all you slacker-cheese-posse folks for sabotaging my diet/exercise efforts…. =)

Ugh.. just feeling rather detached right now. Guess I used all my concentration on foosball, because even though I’m working my way through this reworks pile, it doesn’t feel like I’m even really here. Man, I wish I could take a nap. Has to be all the rice/carbs from lunch making me sleepy. I’ve only been back an hour and I’m already craving something else to eat. For the records, Jambalya at sidelines isn’t half bad, but rather salty.

EGAD.. that’s enough rambling. Be seeing you.


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