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later and later…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, August 16, 2002 at 11:50 am by flerly.

Man I’m really LJ slacking… can’t even make it priority to read it first thing in the morning anymore, let alone post anything.

Actually got caught up this morning not in work, but in attempting to coordinate a Ticketmaster order for Rush tickets this October, and then in a lengthy family chat with my tropicalfrewtnut niece. It’s mostly bad news, which I expected after the sad conversation with my mom last night. I tried to make light of things to cheer her up, but you could hear how sad she was in her voice.

Yesterday was day 2 in a row for not taking work home! W00T! Well, perhaps that’s what happens when I stay until almost 6 at work.. I just get more done. Just been having to stay later recently because traffic is on my last nerve, and well, been so busy at home lately can’t really find time to work there except on weekends. This weekend looks good so far, though.

Last night I was pretty good.. came home, did a load of dishes while I made dinner for JT and gang. Changed and went to gym while they ate it.. did 2 1/2 miles of jogging/running.. NOT walking.. excellent for me. I read a tip in a fitness magazine about setting short goals and pausing for a short reward break when you reach it before going on to the next short goal.. so that’s what I did… just stopped totally when I got to a point, stretched a bit, took a big fat swig of water, toweled off the sweat some, then got right back on. It really seemed to work for me. Now I just need to make myself a better gym cd. Perhaps that’s a weekend goal.

Speaking of, here’s my incomplete weekend reminder list to self:
– make gym cd
– buy a box of contacts
– laundry
– call body shop
– call mom
– call sis
– scan cheeseposse picts
– buy another comfortable pair of gym shorts

That should do it. Well, that stuff and help the Magaroni with her moving extravaganza, and try to keep her entertained and unstressed the rest of the weekend. Maybe we should invest in more scallops for another nummy dinner… yes, mmm… or Houstons. 3vil.

Babble off.



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