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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, August 16, 2002 at 8:29 pm by flerly.

Okay.. so not only is “the James” not home now, it doesn’t look like he’s really been home, other than to ditch the motorcycle. Sure doesn’t look like he slept…. car’s not here (but I thought it was in the shop) and he’s not around… hrm.. boggle. He was supposed to go to the shooting range with Bruce way earlier today, but don’t know if that happened. Come to think of it.. no word since early this morning…

I’m just boggled, and commenting here because, well, I’m pretty drunk, too. SO drunk, in fact, that I think a nap is in order. Think I’ll take the phone and go investigate the couch downstairs up close.

Two episodes of Sex in the City later, I go upstairs and find him in bed trying to catch what few Zzzzzzz’s he’s able to. NEARLY burst in on him being loud, but happened to notice the door mostly closed when I know I left it open. Poor thing.. Noticed Ford had called about his car probably being ready pretty late this afternoon. Well, at least no getting caught on the motorcycle in the rain again for him. And I can go pass out.

Ugh… Must get up early and exercise.


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