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ugh.. satur-blah

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, August 17, 2002 at 10:22 am by flerly.

Too much caffeine.. could not sleep, despite the big boost toward sleep I got from the margaritas. I think I woke up 30 times in the night.. I just kept rolling over and waking up, check the clock on my side of the bed, roll over wake back up, check the clock on JT’s side.. over and over…. ugh.

And boy am I feeling sluggish today. Finding motivation to move this morning was a matter of mind over body, but I got up, got dressed, started laundry, started cleaning and making room for some things Maggie plans to bring over. Let the cats in, then out, then in, then out until I finally just decided to ignore them at the door so I could get something else done. Still ahead is a big pile of dishes and a few bags of trash to carry out. Faint smell of bacon in the house this morning. so I guess I missed breakfast =) but no big deal, considering I can still feel all that mexican food from last night in my belly… so full.

Tried to see if JT was awake and wanting breakfast, but he’s not answering… hence either busy or asleep at work. Really hope he managed to sleep a good bit last night, because trying to help someone move while you’re running on 4 hours sleep over 2 days is not the best fun.

Anyway… best get to it all. Looks like the gang is walking out the door for the uhaul pickup. I’m gonna hang and wait on a call about whether I need to go to home depot for a dolly or not, then head on over.



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