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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, August 20, 2002 at 10:06 am by flerly.

Had a nice Mad Italian dinner followed by a showing of xXx… Vin Diesel… *duh-roool*. It was okay, like James Bond extreme, which is how they billed it I guess. JT and I talked about how Samuel L. Jackson just has no personality anymore, and we really didn’t like him in it. I had to forgive that the movie dissed my beloved corvette, but well, I’m a girl… aren’t I supposed to love all the wrong cars?

Really slacked off on exercise last night, just some stretching, because I was so tired (too many pasta carbs, I’m sure) and when I started walking my knee was sort of bothering me again, so I figured I’d take the night off. Got a little extra sleep, and it all seemed to work out well enough.

Looks like just Jason and Norm are gonna drop by tonight for the apartment premiere of Lord of the Rings… we told them both we’d like to start the movie by 8, so not sure when they’ll actually show. I’d like to have time to get home, gym and make dinner first, but who knows. That all depends on work I guess. Work, which I ought to get to. But first, I’m so freaking thirsty…. lucky me the box of flavored coffee is empty! we’re out! That puts a serious curb in my coffee drinking habit, which can only be good.

Guess I’ll start yanking this xXx soundtrack down to the local machine and make some nice tea.


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