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anybody want in on the lawsuit?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, August 21, 2002 at 2:45 pm by flerly.

[14:33] Angela Ellis: so…you ever use that lysol spray that you put in your tub after you take a shower…sposed to keep the grimeys away…?
[14:33] Kim Johnson: yeah
[14:33] Kim Johnson: james hates it.. it makes the bathtub slippery
[14:33] Angela Ellis: I KNOW! my tub kicked my ass last night
[14:34] Angela Ellis: everybody i’ve talked to has said the same thing! why isn’t there a warning out about that stuff
[14:34] Kim Johnson: of course, i also like to take bubble baths with bath oil and THAT makes it slicker than snot! i love that expression
[14:34] Angela Ellis: ??
[14:35] Angela Ellis: i totally bounced my head off the side of the tub and freaked out dennis last night. he came home and i come walking out of the b-room in a towel, blood running down my face…
[14:35] Angela Ellis: (i know i’m a big ole clumsy clutz…but they should warn about that stuff)
[14:35] Kim Johnson: eek! yeah… i keep saying i’m going to get some of those stick on feet things for the bathtub so we can get some traction
[14:37] Angela Ellis: they should give those out with the tub spray
[14:37] Kim Johnson: yup… i wonder if you could sue them?
[14:37] Angela Ellis: class-action suit….that’s what i’m thinking
[14:38] Angela Ellis: but seriously…you, mom, sarah, and jenni here at work have all said the same thing
[14:38] Kim Johnson: maybe you should look it up on the web .. maybe somebody is already suing them?
[14:38] Angela Ellis: i’m gonna read that bottle and see if it has any warnings on it…
[14:39] Angela Ellis: i can sue and tell them now i’m afraid to take showers… 🙂
[14:39] Angela Ellis: hee hee
[14:39] Kim Johnson: heheh


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