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“Saw my reflection and cried.. so little hope that I died…” – AiC

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, August 22, 2002 at 10:05 am by flerly.

Silly me, why don’t I listen to AiC more in the car.. now there’s some sweeet singing/driving music… *sigh* all their depressing music actually makes me feel good.

Interesting email from mom this morning, written at 5:15 am telling me she’d been up all night worrying and had wanted to call me all over some letter she got from Asplundh about them going thru an audit and wanting to see if JC’s Auto Repair could provide statements from the end of last year and YTD for this year… so I call her, Mom, the business has been closed since what.. May last year? There are no statements from us for those dates. It sounded like just a generic letter to all their business contacts. She’s so goofy.. can’t believe she didn’t realize that and instead worried herself sick.

And another thing.. skirts+sunroofs+truckers=truckers honking loud horns at you and scaring the shit out of you while you’re trying to navigate traffic and sing, for goodness sake. It’s not the first time, but it always shocks me.

And last but not least, forwarded me a plea for help email from our old friend Kelly. Not only is his situation sad, but the fact that the plea for help went to a whopping four email addresses he had of which 2 were Jim’s….

a recent eye infection left me out of work and now my house is leaving me
due to back taxes of the owner…….. any help would be appreciated.
Specially getting Paul to talk to me, as he is not for some reason………
need help damn near lost my eyes.. and this sucks… hell if it just that my
friends are thinking about me would be grand……..

He cannot catch a break. I just don’t know what anyone can do to help him. Must think on it some.


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