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city of bluffs

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, February 9, 2002 at 9:30 am by flerly.

ugh.. traffic sucked. I knew I’d left at the wrong time when as I hit my brakes to come to a full stop while in the fast lane in Knoxville, I see the setting sun in my rear view, and look at my watch… 5pm. Thank god for that stop at media play I made before I left… new cds always helps the drive go by.

Made it, though… just in time for dinner and “crafts”, or rather time to watch sis, angle and mom paint little plaster 3-d lily/tile things.. they’re trying to get mom into that as a hobby. Then laughed our butts off at a JC Penney catalog full of womens undergarments to lift & tuck & reshape practically any part of your body. Did you know the inventor of the wonderbra has come out with the wonderbuns? Led to discussion of why men still opt for stuffing socks down their jeans, which led to laughter on socks that don’t stay put and wander their way around or down to look like some guy left a load in his pants. If men weren’t so “Not Vain”, then some man would have invented an undergarment with the “sock” sewn into place by now. Found out Mom has a little trouble paying attention.. (wondered where I got that from). Apparently the was flipping channels the other night, then kinda zoned out and had stopped on a PBS broadcast about Pornography. Sis and Angle sat stunned/mesmerized by the revelation that there is actually a “porn camp” that the “actors/actresses” can go to in order to learn the basics or to improve their performance…. Mom apparently, never realized what she had done and eventually continued flipping channels. Angle can’t wait to tell her bf that her grandmother watches porn… “I knew she was a cool old lady”… that’s what she expects him to say. She’ll be shopping today for some earrings for him for valentines day, so he’ll quit borrowing hers. =)

Anyway.. missing JamesT, who seems to ALWAYS be asleep on weekend mornings when I try to IM him from out of town!! Enjoying my survival books, though. Have already had the whole gang read “Looking for Mr. Right”… a collection of hilarious old pictures put together to tell a great little afirmation story about being a woman. Made for many laughs over breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, mom overcompensates… when the conversation lagged, she offered to bake us some fresh chocolate chip cookies… we’re like.. “for breakfast?” she’s like.. well, I just knew you’d all enjoy them. She’s just lonely and hardly knows what to do when company comes to visit.

Oh well.. best get showered for our “Girls day out” which translates to hours of mindless wandering through outlet stores.


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