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wow… long weekend

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, August 26, 2002 at 10:48 am by flerly.

Friday night cheese went well… typical fun night. Afterwards Kit and I made our way to Kastaways for an hour or so to check our Greg’s father-in-law’s band. Greg and his wife showed, Jason did not, but I love listening to blues guitar and harmonica music live, and the guitarist was pretty good. Looked a lot like Greg, which explains why Greg would say he is cute. Ha ha. Wished we’d had a camera to capture the essence of the harmonica guy.. Randy? with his camo t-shirt, overalls, and lovely greasy blonde mullet. Where do you buy those belts that hold all those harmonicas anyway, because that is just the perfect accessory for overalls…

We fled there when the band took a break, tipped our server! and headed back to the Loveshak to watch The Sweetest Thing. I just don’t think Kit’s funnybone was turned on, or else someone–Stacy–was sucking up all the hilarity, because Kit barely chuckled and Stacy hit moments when she couldn’t stop laughing. It was good times, fun.

Saturday was supposed to be girly shopping day, and we almost lazed out and didn’t do it… couldn’t reach Kit, but at going on 6, the rest of the posse managed to come together for smoothies and shopping, then a late dinner in the food court at Perimeter Mall, where I am just in love with La Petit Bistro. I need to find out if there’s one in the Kennesaw mall so I can run up there for lunch. We finished off Saturday night in the best possible way, with a singalong viewing of Hedwig for Stacy who hadn’t seen it before.

We kicked around the idea of some Sunday shopping, because Magoo and I still kinda wanted to find some unique con outfits, but it wasn’t definite until Kit needed some girly reinforcements to help keep her mind of a lousy over-the-phone breakup. And Sunday, I must say we did shopping right. The four of us piled into my little eclipse, loaded that trunk to the max with goodies. We hit all the best joints.. Psycho Sisters, Dollar Store, Tuesday Morning, Pier One Clearance Store, Super Target, and then we stopped to get take-out sushi! A couple episodes of sex and the city later, we were starting adult swim and I was wondering where the weekend went.

Somewhere in there I managed to talk to my mother on the phone, who did a wonderful job of laying on the guilt for the… year… She told me, reluctantly, that she had told my brother (who was visiting her this weekend) that she should have just died with dad, because I’ll never visit her. My brother, realistic as he is, told her that she was just being silly because if she’d think back, I never visited them before, so nothing’s really changed. Go bro! of course, her expectations for me to visit her all the time are just totally unrealistic… Of my siblings… well, let’s start there.. I’m one of FIVE, so technically I should just have to do 1/5th of the visiting right? And of my siblings, I have probably the least dough and free time. I’m the only one NOT self-employed, so I have to actually ask for time off and get docked pay, etc etc, which I really can’t afford…. Meanwhile, mom doesn’t work. She sits in her house 24/7 except for the occasional walmart trip or to mow the lawn, and plays solitaire on the computer. She has the ability to drive down on a week day, missing traffic, answering to no one, stay with me, and then go back on a week day, again missing traffic, but she thinks it’s more realistic to expect me to leave Atlanta after work on Friday’s and drive 5 1/2 hours only to SIT there with her in the house for 2 days then drive 5 1/2 hours back, do my laundry at midnight and try to get ready for work the next morning….

Shyeah.. I’m ranting. I’ll shut up now. The strange and mysterious Billy is IM harassing me about con plans, so I need to go explain to him why I feel the need to go meet Timothy Zahn and have him sign a stack of books while I drool on his shoes for a while.


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