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okay.. how do people STAND Yahoo messenger!

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 10:40 am by flerly.

If I get ONE more message from “Cathyholdme” on yahoo messenger telling me to watch her and her little friends on their new webcam, I’m gonna go homicidal and kill off most of the engineering staff (just because of proximity, no other motive.)

Anyway.. just a note here to make Stacy happy if she gets a chance to read… JT fixed your candle light-fixture… it took a lot of solder and it is “fragile” he says, but fixed. Since and I will probably miss cheese due to con, perhaps we can schedule a get together some other night this week so you can pick it up! The sooner the better to get that new cool mood lighting installed, I say!

Oh well.. work is piled high here, so I’m going to get back to it.


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  1. tiger66466 has made a Comment

    Yipee! Give JT my large bucket o’gratitude. And it seems the romantic lighting plan will be needed asap. 🙂 or so i hope.

    August 27, 2002 @ 10:28 am

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