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the morning that dragged on forever…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 12:05 pm by flerly.

what a shitty night…. could not sleep. Managed to have one more wacky occurrence. At Mars Music yesterday, sat for a while in front of a keyboard I desperately want, and could only managed to drag one song out of my memory to play… Axel F, the Beverly Hills Cop theme… so after playing it until I was sick of it, I lamented on all the stuff I used to know that I’ve totally forgotten in 10 years, then gave up on the keyboards. Well, as fate would have it, after Top Gun last night, managed to find Beverly Hills Cop 2 on cable, complete with Axel F played correctly. Weird? I dunno… lots of coincidences yesterday.

After Axel F, managed to stay up for some Nicktoons… spongebob, ren & stimpy, then catch a Daria before I decided that i should either turn off the tv or just get up and do something productive. In the end, a little reading won out and served to help me sleep. James went out in search of Kitty somewhere during BHC2 and never came back… of course, at about 4 am when I moved and kicked the kitty off the bed, I realized he had found her and come to bed at some point that I slept like the dead thru. Then of course, the alarm this morning was not my friend. I think I snoozed it until almost 9, then had to get ready and get out of there in a half hour…. thus the poor wardrobe choice for the day. I look like I feel… crappy, grungy, black & khaki, the didn’t-bother-to-shave-my-legs boots, and unwashed fate-wouldn’t-let-me-dye-it frizz hair.

Tried last night to buy some hair coloring and go very light blonde, in prep for possible pink or blue for my anime school-girl costume idea…. when I got the box home, however, it seems some apparent convict on the lamb from the law decided to slyly open my box of dye in the store, mix it, and use one glove to apply it, then hide the evidence (sans the used glove) back in the box on the shelf. I could picture them walking around the store with the foamy dye in their hair, bleaching it as they shop, with the other patrons and store employees giving them odd glances at the goo in their hair… then they probably just walked out the door with nothing, went to gas station bathroom, rinsed it out, then stole a car to assume their new identity…. at least that’s how I imagine it. In short, I dropped $9 on used hair dye and dropped my receipt in the trash. Thus, fate said.. DON’T YOU DYE IT, FRIZZ-GIRL! IT’LL JUST GET FRIZZIER!

Oh well. Is it lunchtime yet? I need an escape. Already had a wonderful morning… got an ecard from Mom this morning asking me to call her ASAP, so I do.. from work. She wanted to make sure I heard about Charlie… I did… She wants me to try to look up the funeral home information for her.. she can’t remember the name and doesn’t want to call my sis back and tell her she forgot it… so I manage to do it (thank God for the internet).. THEN she springs on me that she was hoping I would send some flowers from me and her for her. She has already explained in detail to me how she can’t afford to make the drive down to the funeral.. and well, she didn’t reallly want to anyway, so now she wants me to send flowers… with the implication .. pay for the flowers…. finally she adds, very meekly… i could give you a credit card number if you need me to pay for them… Oh, she’s good. Sure mom.. you can’t afford the gas to drive down and you expect me to let you pay for flowers instead. So I decline and assure her I can handle it.

I of course, am smoking crack, because I know good and well I can’t handle it… anticipating at least $60 needed for the purchase, which must be made this morning by 11:30 or else not make it to the viewing tonight, I check my meager accounts, recall the low amount of gas in my car, reconsider buying the bridal shower gift for Amanda’s party tonight, calculate whether I can live on the amount of cash and change in my wallet until Friday… then decide it might be a good idea to ask for a loan of $50 until Friday from good pal Jim, who of course, says no way– immediately. This I find remarkable, since he is insisting that I let him buy my Dragon Con ticket ($75) tomorrow, and even “talked” to maggie to get her to help convince me to let him buy it… $75 for a stupid con that I didn’t even care to go to or not… he BEGS me to take his money. But $50 loan for 3 days for flowers to send to a funeral.. that’s not good business to him.. non-essential… So I take in my options again, decide I can probably swing it, so long as nothing else comes up by friday, and just go ahead and place the order. I don’t reply to him and in a while he sends another message.. “I’ll let you borrow the money if you let me hold a check for it” Yeah yeah.. perhaps he was just busy at first and I know he gets pissy when I ask to borrow money, now his compassion set in and he reconsidered… but screw it. I’m still upset at the logic of $75 throw at con versus $50 i would repay in 3 days. I’m actually considering not going to con now… I dunno. Maybe I’m just moody.

Suffice it to say, I footed the bill for speedy flower deliver on my own, so now I’m not too keen on the thought of spending dough on dinner tonight with the girls. I still want to hang out, but i think i’ll just swing by the house for a slimfast. I’ve been a super-exercise slacker lately anyway. Need to focus on maintaining the diet at the least.

Oh well. enough babble. Time to escape this joint for a nice cheap smoothie-lunch.


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