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okay okay okay.. i get it…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 4:02 pm by flerly.

, reads the LJ and signs back on while I’m here =) … wants to know why i’m so schizo lately, and suggests that I’m distracted by my love for another man. It’s only funny when he says it, because he knows i’m totally whipped girl who is ga-ga head-over-heals all about him. I have to admit.. it made me chuckle. He’s good.

He’s also sweet and understanding, and chats me including the gift of a virtual hug which was sorely needed, and so, he makes me feel tons better even though he has to remind me… again.. for the 50th time? that he has a softball game today, so I may not see him later until after I get home. What is up with my memory? It’s so terribly bad lately…

Then, well, at 3:25 pm I get a wonderful silly pep-talk email from which makes me laugh out loud at work (it was the part about having to save you from some man dressed as a hobbit who was going to carry you away to his hotel room in the deep middle earth at con– “ugh. those hairy hairy feet”) So yeah, I’ve re-read it about 10 times now, still chuckling, and letting the good vibes sink in.

Meanwhile, at lunch observes that on her good days, I’m bummed, and on my good days, she’s bummed. Of course, I remark… we’re lucky it works out that way.. otherwise we’d get together and depress the hell out of each other.

So, well, I guess it is settled that I am going to con. Apparently I must protect Magoo and Anne from strangers with hairy feet. Billy really wants me to get in touch and get together with him at some point. I hear even Horace is going for a day to check out the comics in the dealer room. I’m not really mad at for his inherent stinginess, because well, I know that he’s not stingy. He probably been more generous to me with help, especially financial, over the years, than he has been to anyone else. I think I’ve just taken him for granted some in the past, cried wolf, you know, and now when I yell for help.. he just gets grumpy. I understand.

I also realize that JT would have helped with the bill, but well.. it was a simple matter of him being asleep, and me feeling bad to call and wake him up to beg a credit card number out of him. Magoo reminds me that she’s a friend with a wallet, too, which I appreciate, but I really can’t go down that road. Asking for loans makes me sick, even from JT. I can give it out, but I have trouble accepting it back. I dunno.. I’m a weirdo. Maybe I just like complaining about being poor in my journal.

Well, I managed to post away the time until 4 pm. Funny thing is.. I could keep going. I’m in that sort of mood. Perhaps later….

Shyeah.. gimme 10 minutes.


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