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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, August 31, 2002 at 12:17 am by flerly.


and I probably got their names misspelled or whatever.. but wot-ev-ah… These were all LJers of interest at con… ‘s brother… “Jack” also known as Garrett was also of interest, but damn if i caught his LJ name. I’m sure the “Jack” story will be worth relating in detail at a moment when I’m not tired as fuck.

Just couldn’t hang for the parties tonight. Decided to plan better for tomorrow, and get in touch with Billy for some professional-con-goer action. Perhaps even a little outrageous costumage is in order… I always have to go at least one day in moderately obnoxious clothes, take a good look at the freakshow, then I get brave enough for another day of serious obnoxiousness…

must go to target in the morn to complete the anime schoolgirl motif. THINK I will also steal ‘s camera tomorrow and carry it around for many spontaneous photo-ops with better costumed individuals…

Brain… not… working…. so freaking tired. Feet… sore… so many levels to con… too much to process and write down.

Meanwhile.. visit ‘s LJ and meet the freak. She fucking rocks socks. We must get to know this person. Just a brief glance at it tonight has already revealed her to be a Hedwig fan as well….



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