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okay.. there’s more

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, August 31, 2002 at 12:46 am by flerly.

First… before crashing, I simply had to get a poptarts fix. They called. I came. (yes, I said I came) — which reminds me of a “sex chocolate” story, that I’ll have to relate in the recap.

THEN I decided to weed thru the mucho-lameo-emailos received from work for the day and found one from Churchill, reporting that he has at last picked and bought a guitar… it’s a Brawley A-324 with a coil tap on the neck’s humbucker pickup, he says. I, of course, sent him the typical, girl-who-knows-nothing-about-guitars response..”ooooooh, pretttty.”

Hrm.. well, my walk to answer the call for poptarts was just long enough for my sweetie to set himself to away and disappear to play ping pong at work.. yes. Play ping pong at work. Anyway.. that means I can’t tell him about the present I got him at con.. Chez Geek, a cardgame Maggie seems to think that he will love. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what actually thinks until he’s BACK FROM PING PONG, THE SLACKER!

Ahem.. sorry.

also stumbled upon a nice buy of illuminati (the secret society DO exist…) and it’s expansion pack, so NA NA NA to or whatever his name was, we don’t need to borrow yours any more… like we ever actually did more than that one time.

We were happy. We blended with the geeks well. and I that is… we oohed and aahed all the cool costumes, and I anticipate many more bigger BETTER FASTER MORE costumes for Saturday and Sunday… w00t w00t. Tomorrow.. definitely need to take pictures. OOOh, JT if only i’d had the camera tonight (to myself) i think i could have gotten some snaps to make you and your posse proud. Too bad.

AMAZINGLY enough the Trek track wasn’t swamped… the Star Wars track wasn’t swamped… something must be wrong. Perhaps it was just because it was Friday. I’m sure Saturday and Sunday will be busier.

Oh well, I haven’t even planned my panel visits for the morrow, so perhaps I should go shower, retire and do dat dere bizness.

“Man, I was watching these cars here in the parking lot real good, cuz peoples like to come round and let the air out of tires and shit, and I was watching em real good and made sure nobody be doing that, but you ain’t got to pay me nothing, i just think that people dont like dat when you let the air out of their tires and they come back and dere stuck in the parking lot in the middle of the night, so I’m not asking for no money for that, but can you just spare a brother a couple dollars to eat on?”

I love downtown Atlanta at night. Yeah, after that experience when I went to move my car by myself, figured it best to drive dear Anne back to her vehicle which was blocks and blocks away. I relate all this to Anne of course, before offering to give her a ride and she is visibly stunned… “Somebody said that to you?!? And you’re tall!!”

That’s a good one, but I THINK the memorable quote for the evening was… well, it maybe a tie…

from the BritTV room: “Why must every skit always end up either with prison porn or my mother’s ass?”

from Armin Shimerman‘s panel: “My favorite question was from an 8-year old boy. He asked me: ‘How do you like being an action figure, and do you play with yourself?'”


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