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oh my holy lord…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, August 31, 2002 at 1:25 am by flerly.

you cannot image the noises I just heard when i went to lock the front door. this is an fyi for my sleeping roomies who will hopefully read in the morning. HOWLING of cats.. evil, creepy, horror movie howling of cats, and i knew both of ours were out there, so i went out barefoot after them…

I found kitty by the next building, puffed out like a blow fish, growling really low at the sources of the real noise which was out of view under some car. I picked up kitty, who didn’t freak on me, but she kept growling, and walked her back to the apartment. Feeling less brave to check out the rest of the noise, I put on (running) shoes and went back out in search of samuel. Went right up to the cars and as soon as i bent down to look under them.. the howling stopped.

Well, dead quiet was even worse after all that howling, so i got up and took a few steps back. FORTUNATELY samuel answers to his name, so I said it a few times and he came darting out from under the car toward the apartment, also puffed up to shoggoth proportions… i waited a moment, but nothing else came out, so I followed sam back to our building and let him in.

I checked sam out and he doesn’t seem to be hurt, but my GOD at least part of that howling HAD to be him… dunno what was up, but they’re staying in, and IMHO we may want to reconsider leaving either cat out all night.


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