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good morning, LJ audience…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, September 1, 2002 at 5:58 pm by flerly.

Went to the webcamgrrrlz panel at con last night, and got to thinking about how what you put in your LJ being “public” and what “public” means… Does anybody really think about their intended audience when they post? And how do you know your audience is as intended? Well, the panel suggested liberal use of friends only if you are concerned, but there is always the wisdom of not to post anything you wouldn’t want anyone to find out. Just makes you think some.

Con yesterday was interesting. Mostly good panels, save one ultra-mind-fuck-sacred-geometry panel hosted by “uncle Jesse”, which we fled. Missed Anne all day, missed Bruce–if he was there– I missed the Timothy Zahn book signing (couldn’t find it), but did manage to do the walk of fame and see all sorts of celebs gathered in one place. Couldn’t bring myself to approach anyone, buy a pict and ask for an autograph, but it was sort of surreal just to see them there… Uhura.. R2D2, Chewbacca, Ethan Raine, some Star Trek ensign I recognized, but didn’t know her name, Lou Ferrigno…. there were more, but I’m so bad with names.

Girlblah and I also managed to hook up again with “Jack” and his sis Rosa–er uh– Sohma (who’s bio for con kicks ass, btw), and their “gang”. Discovering the gang was low on funds and not interested in going for food in expensive downtown Atlanta, we snagged one of them () and planned to meet back with the others later… it was either that or join them all for a stint of drinking in their hotel room, which was not the con hotel. Since they were mostly guys, and well, we’re not that trusting we chose dinner. That went okay, (included cheesecake), but the friend of the “Sohma gang” we had snagged turned OFF his walkie talkie, and pretty much nixed our chances of hooking back up with the actual cool people we wanted to see. So, while I wandered off to take more con snapshots, he wandered off to the bathroom, and somehow we just completely lost him. We hung out on the 3rd floor balcony over the front doors for a LONG time, but never managed to spot him or his friends again. So then there was just the prospect of hooking up with Eternal Member Billy, as well as dear Skittums and Crouching Stacy.

Coming back from dinner, we discovered Jim, who had found his own new “hacker” posse and was off traipsing around downtown, buying gargantuan sacks full of beer, and going for sushi all w/o us. Bah, like we care… well, Magoo may have cared a bit, as I think she was feeling just a bit overwhelmed by con freaks, but I must say I just don’t grow tired of checking out people’s costumes, and I have many many pictures of them to share later. Kit and Stacy showed up with their own posse of Kit’s bud Josh and his friends, already with a headstart on the drinking under their belt it seems, and we proceeded to be silly and hang about the hotel in search of fun/parties/freaks/whatever.

After waiting an insane amount of time on the 3rd floor for an elevator to take us to 20, I got singled out by some guy in black with a whip on one hip and a freaking sharpened knife on the other. He hands me a “The Perv Patrol” card, with his name “The Sadist” and his email and web address on it, and on the back is the room number to “the best party” he says, which I simply must go to. Kit, dear one, drunk already and quite happy, comes over to investigate the exchange, and proceeds to pull his knife out of it’s sheath.. WHICH is how we discover it’s sharp. She is critiquing it, putting prints all over it, then she realizes she’s put prints all over it, and proceeds to try to wipe it on her skirt to clean it.. and with only the drunkest of wit, manages to wipe the knife in a point-first sort of manner across her skirt, causing it to pierce her skirt, but thankfully not her leg. There wasn’t any effort there.. it just freaking cut right thru, so the thing was obviously really sharp. The guy was getting nervous about her holding it and asks her to put it away, which she does. They flirt on a bit about whether he’s a Chamber club kinda guy, how he likes her outfit, how he likes MY outfit, and again he’s all over me with the weakness for catholic school girls and how I simply have to show up for his party. SO, we flee, with memories of the pointy-knife in our minds, and head back to Billy’s room.

At last we discover that the party is on the 20th floor of the tower and not the main hotel, so we were at the wrong elevators anyway. Kit, Josh and his posse head off there, while the rest of us decide what to do. Personally, after hearing someone had come dressed as Donnie Darko and Frank, I was all for hitting the con crowd and seeking them out to blind them with some flash photography… I think Stacy was ready for that, too, but it seemed Magoo was tired and pretty much at her limit for con freaks. Well, that and her partaking of some funky-hotel-room-mixed-brews which were not agreeing with her. So, after a short trip thru the lobby crowd, we checked out the party on 20. It was was lackluster, consisting of a room full of freaks (suprise) watching some girl spank some guy.. (i wanted to tell them to check out the Perv party), there was some more funky-hotel-room-brew, but most of all it was just stifling hot. Finally Magoo decided her constitution could take no more, so realizing she was my ride and also realizing that it was going on 1:30 and that since I wasn’t in the mood to drink at all, that I probably wasn’t going to be having a whole lot of fun if i stayed, I left with her.

Got a little sad on the ride home realizing that JamesT is away for several days for a motorcycle trip, but well, soon realized how sore my feet were from all that walking and standing, and was very happy to hit the mattress and pass out.

Was awoken Sunday morning by a phone call from Eternal Member Billy, who it seems allowed Ms. Kit to take his badge from him at some point during the party, and now didn’t seem to have it. After offering Billy the use of my badge for the day, though he didn’t end up needing it, I realize that I just wasn’t too jazzed about going back today. Sure there were some interesting panels lined up, but I think my freak-fest limit was hit. It just seems like the best day to be a lazy ass.

SO, today has been spent sleeping late, eating, watching tv, napping, eating, watching Harry Potter movie, and now posting a bit of LJ spam. Think I may get dressed and take a ride up to target for a few things, including some freaking groceries.. the cupboards are bare, children.

Anyway… if u read this, miss u JT. If you read this, hope you made i home okay Kit. If you read this, cheeseposse, looking forward to a movie tomorrow.

Peace. Out.



  1. infinite1der has made a Comment


    September 1, 2002 @ 12:27 pm

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    figured u’d appreciate that. remind me to tell you about Kit/Maggie’s attempts to check out what everyone had on under their skirts.

    Miss u!!!!

    September 1, 2002 @ 12:52 pm

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