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i swear it to be true..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, September 3, 2002 at 12:04 pm by flerly.

I overheard the following in engineering this morning…

Jason and Kramer talking… to paraphrase: “HEY! It’s Tuesday! You know what THAT means!” “Yeah, we didn’t have to sit thru a Monday before we got cheese!” gleeful “doot-de-doot-de-doo’s” then ensued, and it sure as heck sounded like there was a little jig of some sort going on. I messaged kit that it seemed there was a “happy cheese day” song and dance going on, and Kramer vehemently denied it.

Uhuh. SOMEBODY was “doot-de-doo”ing in a very happy sort of way.

Anyway.. yeah.. so it’s cheese day. Also got invited to cheese night, with Billy and his back in town friend who he calls “the bringer of the cheese”, because he apparently found this Mexican place. Certainly don’t think I can handle it twice in one day… once is going to be fun enough.

Right now I’m chugging sprite in an effort to calm this flipping stomach, which didn’t get upset until I started writing up my to do list for the day. =\ 19 reworks today, including at least 3 major new site mockups (didn’t go thru the 6 Jon dropped in the box a moment ago, just counted them in the total)

Paid for my elliptical machine winning bid this morning, so in 8-10 days I should see that arrive. Started rearranging to make some room for it yesterday, but didn’t quite finish. Perhaps more tonight, pending when JT gets home.

Ugh.. time for lunch cheese.


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