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what a slacker i am…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, September 4, 2002 at 11:53 am by flerly.

Read thru all the cards for the “Chez Geek” game last night and giggled very much. That is going to be such a fun game to play. Also went out to “the barn” (quote from my mother) to buy some books and came back with a strange assortment. Got two books to assist me with BTVS gaming ideas, and a book on World History, for the halibut.

Well, add to the pile of 19 new reworks yesterday the 5 more than came in. Only managed to do 9 of them yesterday, which was pretty much all the little stuff, so now I’m left with a bunch of new site mockups. Fun fun. Work has been moderately interesting, I guess. Certainly consistently busy.. as witnessed perhaps by the fact that I wore out my mouse yesterday. This morning it was on it’s last little mouse leg, and finally keeled over and had to be replaced. So, that wasted some time this morning.

Also heard back via email from , who I had sent a quick hello to after con. Figured it might be nice to keep in touch with some people (also planning to write to Sohma) so that next year’s con might be more interesting.

In other news.. JT IS BACK! w00t! Man, he was so tired yesterday (from a long weekend of parents and grandparents waking him up at the ass-crack of dawn). Here’s his quote from his grandmother. She rang the phone Monday morning.. he didn’t answer it. Half an hour later, she rang the phone again.. he didn’t answer it, but he took the hint and got up, got dressed, and headed to her house…. her quote “Oh, I didn’t want anything. I was just calling to let you know what time it was in case you wanted to get up.” Can I just say, JT, damn I missed you boy.

Anyway.. got spam from Churchill this morning, more guitar babble. He read up on the models that James is interested in, and I forwarded that info dutifully to JT. So I asked Jason if he’d managed to actually learn to play anything yet (since he is left-handed and this time bought a right-handed guitar)… his reply:

my left hand isn’t putting out without a fight. (thar’s a quote for ya) anyway, I can do ‘walk this way’, but my fingers really hurt. it is very much like starting over from scratch.

And in still OTHER news, looks like I’m going to miss cheese this week (possibly, may leave early Saturday) but I’m driving to Alabama to meet my MOTHER who has decided to venture outside the doors of her house all the way down to my sister’s house in Alabama. Her appearance outside of the “natural habitat” of her house and yard is so rare, that I will probably have to borrow a digital camera to take with me to record the event. She only consented to go down after a phone call from me where I had to PROMISE that I would come meet her for the weekend, so that if she is having a lousy time there, she can use the excuse that she wants to follow me home Sunday to see where I live. Excuse, she said.. her words, which probably means she will just use that to head for home and not actually venture toward Atlanta.

Oh well.. it’s almost high noon and I’ve only done one work related thing today. Best get back to it.


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