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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, September 6, 2002 at 10:52 am by flerly.

If it isn’t the truckers, it’s the engineers. Cheeseposse, I will need an opinion tonight on this outfit as to whether it’s work appropriate or whether Kramer’s just a bit hyper-sensitive when it comes to “persons with breasts”…

Here’s what happened. Had a pile of work to do, on top of a meeting this morning, so I had to go sort of dressy today.. I’m loving my plaid skirt, so I wore that, but this time with black stockings and a nice black collared shirt. Opted for the boots instead of heels for comfort (and cuz I really only have comfy sandals otherwise). So.. I get to work, Kramer hears the clack-clack of my boots and yells “KIM!” (reminiscent of “Norm!” on cheers) so I pause, files in hand, bag of lunch food in hand, and wait to see what he wants, because after the yell, he starts mumbling something about Alabama…

So he at last stands up so he can speak to me instead of just shouting from his cubicle, and spies the outfit… he immediately starts stuttering like an idiot, give me an obvious up-down look, then stops trying to talk.. to stop stuttering… then blurts out “very interesting outfit”.. then manages to “recover” and continue babbling about some broken graphic on an Alabama site… can’t manage to remember the name of the site, then says “oh well, i’ll send you an email in a few minutes after my morning caffeine has kicked in.”

Oh well.. it was funny to me.

In other news, skittles isn’t here again, but will hopefully be at cheese. Already had to defend her illness to Billy this morning.. “She was probably just out partying too much,” he says… Nice you know you have that kind of reputation, huh skittles?

And Magoo, in case I forget, do you think I could borrow your digital camera to take to Alabama for the weekend? I want to snap some picts of my sis’s completed house.


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