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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, September 9, 2002 at 9:56 am by flerly.

I’m really not completely sure that last entry made total sense. I think it’s something about the dust/cigarette smoke in Alabama that has made me insane…. er.. more insane.

To recap in very brief.. Friday night.. cheese.. followed by drag show and dancing at Backstreet, followed by very little sleep, followed by a 4 hour drive to Alabama to visit the fam and mostly the mom. Got insulted by mom 3 times in first 5 minutes, so it was just as wonderful a trip as I could have hoped for… “How long has your hair been orange?” for one… I was wearing a very comfortable khaki jean-skirt that I like to drive in and arrive as they are outside washing windows of my sis’s house. “I sure hope you brought some shorts or pants or something and not just skirts so you can help us work this weekend. Who wears a skirt around?” And amazingly not the first thing she said, but one of the first things when Joyce and Jess stepped away from us was “So, you really came. I figured you’d never really make the trip.” Yeah, thanks mom. I hope it’s obvious to all why I love her.

Anyway.. I have more childhood trauma to get out–perhaps later– but mostly I just came back last night feeling like ass. Food didn’t help, especially the worse server ever to exist who supposedly waited on us at Red Lobster, but I’m not sure that’s what you call it. Felt like ass last night, couldn’t sleep, throat sore, eyes burning. Had to take the contacts out, so I’m wearing dorky glasses around. I went ahead and emailed work last night that if I lived until morning that I was going to either stay home sick, or call it a work from home day.. depending on what I get done I guess.

This morning.. feeling of ass endures. Didn’t call Ala to let them know I was home. JT accused me of wanting to stay home today to interfere with his and Jim’s first day of “bonding”… uhuh. He wishes I would stay home and save him from “bonding”. He’ll probably be here all day tweaking his new 2nd pc, which he hasn’t posted about yet. Spontaneous purchase when he was out “bonding” yesterday before I got home. Thanks to the ghei-ness of Creative Labs website, he was up until almost 2 just trying to download drivers to get sound. Of course, now his pc talks to him on boot up. Right now it’s just a female voice “Power on self test complete. Starting operating system.” or something like that.. designed by some Star Trek fan who thinks talking computers are cool. Apparently you can customize what it says, so we can start taking bets on what it will say when it’s JT customized. Mr Burn’s voice saying “Smithers, you really turn me on…” comes to mind.

Anyway. Babble off. Time for some hot tea so perhaps I can talk and/or think straight enough to work.


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