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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, September 10, 2002 at 1:31 pm by flerly.

Well, the LJ client is fux0r3d today from work. Same for so we’re speculating whether some firewall tweaking has occurred.

Found out this morning that my psycho mother decided yesterday afternoon, while she was alone at my sis’s house, that she was ready to go home. So, she packed her stuff, left a note in the mailbox, and hit the road. Didn’t say goodbye to anyone, even though she wasn’t supposed to leave until next Sunday. She didn’t wait for her son, driving up from Jacksonville as she left, and she certainly didn’t wait for Angle to drive up to visit her this weekend. Psycho. Scared everyone, for one thing, and really hurt sis’s feelings for another. And, of course, she’s not answering her home phone right now probably because she knows she’ll be cussed.

is so bored he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He apparently never reads or posts to LJ anymore, so I’ll talk about him–serves him right. After sitting around behind me at the desk watching cartoons in the living room instead of downstairs or even on the tv in his room, much to my annoyance, today he tells me he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He’s so bored and there is NOTHING to do at our house. Nevermind he was invited to go to interop with and Somchanh today… Nevermind there are a ton of dvds downstairs and playstation games, and hell.. pools and exercise equipment, and barring that, piles of laundry and dishes, all not to mention the 8 million video games he has to play on his NEW pc? Yeah, nothing to do. He’s threatening to invade cheese night. Shyeah right. Come the weekend, he’ll be hermit again and not want to go anywhere.

Then.. there’s work stuff. We are so piled up. There are just so many little things creeping up that I get nothing done at work, and well, next to nothing done when I tried it from home. Usually working at home is much more productive, but not so much when there’s people watching cartoons and being bored around. Hence, today, back in the office. There’s so much more work crap to vent, but no time now.

On the JT front… he rocks in so many ways. I’m glad he’s getting his new PC together.. soon he’ll have his cave all properly situated. I’m glad he didn’t come with me to Alabama, so he didn’t have to sit thru the “you need to let us know when the wedding is gonna be” stuff… and all the “you’re not serious about Las Vegas” right? My sis insists that there is a Drive Thru Elvis Wedding Chapel in Tupelo, MS, about 30 minutes from her house, so we need to get married over there, she says. There or Hawaii, apparently. Of course, Mom brought up the fact that I’d told her months ago that we were gonna go to Vegas end of summer, like August or so, and it being after that, she accused me of postponing things because “weddings.. ewwww” is her quote for me.

Oh well.. people are hovering and insisting that I do work, so I guess I’ll do that.


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