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help.. homicidal rage not dissipating as normal…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 11:20 am by flerly.


I swear sometimes it feels like I have to do my work at least 3 times over on this job before it actually gets done!

Bleeding-bleeping-blooming-fricking stupid web interface I have to use to make adjustments to our new code sites doesn’t let me know if changes I am telling it to save are really not saving. In fact, if the files I am supposed to be editing aren’t set with permissions for me to edit them (as in if any other engineer in the building has so much as looked at them) then all the changes I make disappear into the ether with a satisfying “Saved” message from the interface that is lying thru it’s virtual teeth.

Add that to the mysteries of IE6 and having to “tools–>options–>delete files” every single stinking time I make a change to a page because hitting a simple F5 or refresh doesn’t do the trick.

And to top it off even more?!? SOMETIMES the web interface will ACTUALLY display the page WITH the change in it’s preview EVEN WHEN it didn’t actually save the change. How’s that for increasing it’s just-fucking-with-me factor?

So.. I go thru a pile of reworks.. make changes.. preview them.. they are there.. put them in the done box. 15 minutes later I get email from the Scheduler who verifies work is done who tells me he doesn’t see the changes. We go thru our little bouts of what a bitch IE6 is to refresh, then decide that, by george, the changes AREN’T done.. reworks come BACK to my inbox, and I have to go begging for some available engineer to check my permissions, then make the changes AS SOON AS they tell me permissions are good lest I risk the whole thing happening again if I put it off.


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  1. flerly has made a Comment

    This is making me nuts. I have complained loudly this morning to Mcfarland about my bleeping permissions that cause me to make changes that DONT SAVE then wait for permissions to be fixed, then make changes again… but.. well.. you seem to get everything done for me faster than he does…
    ww24/venice and ww24/sarasota
    So far 3 out of 3 sites I’ve tried to work on with siteconfg have crapped on me. Not the best day.


    Perhaps I can write a script that will allow you to automajically fix the *.htm files in a particular basedir. Perhaps, but you’ll have to keep nagging me, or I’ll conveniently forget.


    This magic script you tease me with… just tell me what must I do to convince you to create it and it shall be done — I’ve already asked Jon to put it as an official task for you so it won’t just be (unpaid)overtime work. Otherwise, count on the nagging.


    for it to be
    you must plead
    for now I’ve no time
    to do the deed


    Great scripting warrior, who doth battle with the vile permissions for my honor, your noble deeds do not go unheeded. I only hope that my humble requests from day to day for you to fend off the foul beast do not further hinder your progress on the great quests which do occupy your time at present. I only pray that one day your quests shall be ended, so that you may return and instruct your humbled servant in the ways to defend her own honor with the use of your magical script elixir. For this service, I would be forever grateful.


    aka. work makes me insane.

    September 11, 2002 @ 8:53 am

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