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Good Morning!

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, September 12, 2002 at 10:10 am by flerly.

Guess what, world? I sat down today and the first thing I tried to work on had the permissions set incorrectly again. So, instead of killing people or spontaneously combusting, I just took the time to drop an email to Jason for help (he’s prolly not even here yet), and I managed to throw in a quip about only homosexual men driving miatas, as witnessed by some guy I saw in one on the way to work Then I managed to get up, take a nice chipper walk to the breakroom, brew a pot of flavored coffee, peruse the newspaper while it brew, then make a nice tall cup and take back to the desk. ALL without injuring anyone! I am so pleased! Yesterday I was ready to throw my paperweight thru my monitor in frustration… today.. all is calm.

For now.

Skittles is finally going to the doc this morning (a grumpy JT woke up early to give her a ride), so I guess we’ll finally find out what the scoop is. AmandaE here at work told me this morning her head is so stopped up she can’t hear, along with her sore throat, and Mr. Never Miss Work — Greg — is out for the second day. Even Kramer missed Tuesday. Rumor is it’s strep, but isn’t that always the rumor when sore throats are involved.

Anyway.. best find something that looks more like work to do until my permissions issues are fixed.


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