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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, September 12, 2002 at 8:46 pm by flerly.

Note I just left on a car:

“What part of parking in a space confuses you? You are illegally parked in the road, even though there are a half dozen parking spots within 30 feet of your car. This wasn’t a quick park and run in, unless you are the world’s slowest delivery person. Get a clue and move your car.”

Mood: Irritated… duh?

Also, I read an amazing scientific report, which I was discussing with just today. Did you know that scientists have shown that having a penis does not make you incapable of putting dishes in the dishwasher, changing trash bags, or noticing trash has been bagged up and carrying it out? Further study is supposed to happen, but they are investigating the penis’ influence on the ability to fold and/or hang laundry, too. Wow.

Last night found a gnat crawling in my salad. Tonight, a gnat wouldn’t leave me alone while I was trying to eat dinner (though thankfully I never actually saw him crawling in food this time), and I’ve beaten my monitor screen to death killing gnats on it tonight… wonder where they’re coming from? Hrm… bags of garbage by the door? But why should we carry out the trash just cuz it’s bagged up, when it does such a good job of blocking the ants from getting to the cat food bowls.

I’m just being pissy. I’m the one who left the bags of trash by the door. Bad me. You change it, you bag it, you carry it out. I broke the rule. I guess I’m just the worse tetris player in the house, since I get frustrated with my inability to stack garbage on top of the cans and have to change the bag.

Mood: bored as fuck… duh?

Thank god tomorrow is cheese night and there’s the promise of going out after and an eventful Saturday, too. This week has sucked ass at work and coming home wasn’t that much more fun.

Mood: content

Cuz my bitching and whining is done. Someone needs to start an LJVent community.


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