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Puede ver usted nuestros pezones?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, September 13, 2002 at 10:44 pm by flerly.

Work sucked. Weird conversations with Jason about him dreaming about his dead cousin led to depressing thoughts of Dad all day. Add that to work, and well, I was just not happy today. Cheese took some alcohol to get us going, but it turned out okay. We skipped out and went to the big Peachtree St. Insurrection, which turned out to be just a big over priced store in a lousy neighborhood. Skittums didn’t find the perfect new b.o.b., though Magarino may have found something to make those boring days at work more interesting. Lots of bachelorette party goodies there… always wondered where people got all that crap. The best part about Insurrection was me standing up on the upper level (in the kink area) and looking over the railing to spot Stacy standing amidst rows of porn videos with a huge 12 inch dildo in each hand, curling them like hand weights while she browsed. Good times, fun. We all pooped out on the dancing tonight… just tired and it just sucks going out downtown in the rain. We’ll try tomorrow after Billy’s party or if not, we’ll just extend our slumber party I guess.

Speaking of slumber parties… all night, four girls, one big air mattress and two couches, a big tv and all the cheesy girly 80s flicks you can dream of… it’s just what my soul needed.

Anyway.. anticipating more good times, fun, for tomorrow. Now, time to enjoy this margarita buzz and pass out happy.


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