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pass out? yeah.. that sounds good about now…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, September 14, 2002 at 3:18 am by flerly.

So managed to put on pjs and crawl under the covers in time to watch the last Next Gen from 11-midnight, saw JamesT off to work, then decided to come check mail before going to bed.. and lo and behold, what do I spy, but an e-mail from Jason, sent after 11 PM from work about some stupid issue that I’d mentioned that he apparently stayed all evening working on… can we say COMPULSIVE? or perhaps just.. single, antisocial, no-life, and would rather stay all night at Comstock than go home to the parents house at night.

So, for the halibut, I reply… something along the lines of “you’re not still there are you?!?” And sure enough, he is. Roped into helping recover one of the web servers whose hard drive failed. Thus some distracting e-mail banter back and forth ensued which lasted until about 2, when he finally finished and now has a nice 40 minute drive home to look forward to. He said he’s prolly not gonna make Billy’s party now… oh well.

Supposedly J_Mcfarland was called in to work on the server and was there when we started chatting, but later on he tells me that J left the job up to him since J said he had to get some sleep so he could make it to the party and Jason prolly wasn’t gonna go anyway, right? Right… well. Prolly not now.

Anyway.. point is. It’s 3 AM and here I am, like a fool, still “awake”– if you can call a person able to type yet unable to actually think rationally awake. Witness, if you could, my current conversation with my sweetie which has turned, as it often does when I attempt to stay up past my rational bedtime, into a gripefest for me to complain, whine, bitch, moan, and generally be unhappy toward him, then I’ll go to bed and wonder how he can stand to come home the next day after work to someone who gets so psycho sometimes.

Perhaps I should get a new tattoo. Some sort of disclaimer that they can put right on my forehead that states that any communication from me that happens after midnight is to be considered babble and not to be considered at all. Just smile and nod.

I’ll give you an example of why I’m psycho at 3 AM…. there are “girls” on JT’s friends lists that I don’t know. How psycho is that? I’m pretty sure there is at least one guy on mine that he doesn’t know… but, well, apparently with breasts comes irrationality, so I obsess over their posts and their user info and their websites and their communities and try to find the link from them to JT. A less psycho person would just ask him. So, in a moment of clarity, I did ask. Then, in a relapse of psychoness, I tell him how I was just obsessing… He’s sc33rt.

Now, he’s having network issues.. online/offline/online/offline and we can’t have a (decent?!?) conversation. But he manages to mention about “the move” next week. Soon instead of 1 exit away, he’ll be driving/riding the bike all the way downtown to go to work. That also bothers me… and I don’t think the reasons are rational, though I think I’d sooner strangle myself with this mouse cord than go into them now.

So, I ask you… is it really lack of sleep that makes me psycho-nuts? WHAT is my major malfunction?


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