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Crossdressing and other work hilarity…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, September 16, 2002 at 3:54 pm by flerly.

From: “Mary Rogers”
To: “Everybody”
Sent: Monday, September 16, 2002 2:17 PM
Subject: Business Casual attire
> It was brought to my attention that I need to explain this a little
> more. What we mean by “business casual” is NO jeans!
> Also, if you are going to wear sandals please make sure they are dress
> sandals and not beach shoes. We want to make sure we give our
> guests the “right” impression when they
> visit our facility.
> Thanks for your time,
> Mary

From: “Jason Churchill”
> screw this
> I suppose next we’ll need to be clean shaven and have a hairline above the
> collar.

From: “Kim Johnson”
> Yeah, Jason.
> Get a hair cut, hippee!
> That’s it. Tomorrow.. blue streaks in the hair and an eyebrow piercing.
> Who’s with me?

From: “Bill Boyer”
> Does this mean I need to wear underwear now, and clean clothes?

From: “Anthony Wright”
> I think I’m going for Parachute Pants, myself. They’re not pants.
> This is really ludicrous. For crying out loud, I’m sitting in a cube, my
> pants and shoes are hidden under a desk, and the guest never look in here
> any ways.

From: “Gregory Wood”
> Screw it, I’m wearing a skirt tomorrow.

After a bit of standing around Greg’s cube chatting in person about what skirts I should bring in for whom, we realized we were upsetting the always well dressed (and usually cool) scheduler, Jonathan..

Start of Bill Boyer buffer: Mon Sep 16 14:57:43 2002
[14:36] Bill Boyer: Now we can bitch without ticking off Jonathan.
[14:38] Anthony Wright: Not that ticking off Jonathan would have stopped some of us to begin with.
[14:38] Kim Johnson: what wah?
[14:38] Greg Wood: So who all is in on the skirts?
[14:39] Bill Boyer: Well Greg I am single I don’t have any skirts
[14:39] Anthony Wright: Ney for me. I’ve got thunder thighs.
[14:39] Kim Johnson: like that stops me from wearing them
[14:39] Greg Wood: Bah, then I expect blue hair from both of you.
[14:39] Bill Boyer: Yeah I think it would make your ass look big
[14:39] Anthony Wright: and big ankles.
[14:39] Bill Boyer: I am single I don’t know how to dye my hair.
[14:39] Kim Johnson: i’ve got a couple short plaid skirts i can bring.. if they say anything, people can swear they are kilts
[14:40] Anthony Wright: Hey, Greg, don’t forget the high heels.
[14:40] Bill Boyer: Uh Kim, do you think they would fit us?
[14:40] Kim Johnson: um.. i dunno.. have you seen me? i’m round
[14:40] Greg Wood: Heels might not go well on the bike… OH SHIT, I’ll need pants for the bike… that would be embarrassing.
[14:41] Bill Boyer: Well buy some leather pants.
[14:41] Greg Wood: Hmmmm, leather pants… not a good thing to buy at the beginning of a diet…
[14:42] Kim Johnson: you can just wear sweat pants under the skirt while on the bike
[14:43] Greg Wood: I don’t have sweatpants either… but now that I think about it, sweat pants aren’t jeans either.
[14:43] Anthony Wright: Well, I’ve decided that I’m just going to wear the same pants and shirt for the next two weeks.
[14:44] Kim Johnson: there’s a plan
[14:45] Bill Boyer: But I wear my sandles because when I wear shoes I normally get athletes foot.
[14:45] Anthony Wright: Same here.
[14:45] Kim Johnson: ugh.. tmi
[14:45] Greg Wood: I personally think that we should all be allowed to work at home for the next two weeks. Those of us that can anyway 🙂
[14:46] Anthony Wright: Nope. Then we couldn’t see Greg in a skirt.
[14:46] Kim Johnson: good plan. Or hey.. Marc has a company credit card.. why dont we just get him to go shopping?
[14:47] Anthony Wright: I’m in. A few hundred in Hilfiger pants and shirts should do nicely
[14:47] Greg Wood: Not that this has anything to do with what we’re talking about… http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/thepress/0,2106,2049668a6009,00.html
[14:50] Bill Boyer: I was going to tie dye my pants
[14:51] Kim Johnson: well.. hey.. Old Navy item of the week is Khaki’s.. ony $19.50 a pair today thru thurs
[14:51] Kim Johnson: or so sayest my old navy spam
[14:52] Anthony Wright: Nah, I think I’m just going to find the rattest pair of pants that I have. Sshouldn’t be hard, with the exception of my newest pair, all my pants look worse then most of my jeans.
[14:52] Bill Boyer: I can’t by from Old Navy, they are actually a secret government org. the world Navy is just to throw you off.
[14:53] Anthony Wright: hmm, I would think that the word Navy would be the clue, not the through off….
[14:53] Kim Johnson: uhuh.. a subsidiary of the GAP, which is clearly a government conspiracy to convince people that size 0 is an actual size
[14:53] Greg Wood: Hmmm, the GAP… sounds like an acronym.
[14:54] Bill Boyer: I thought it was Gay Ant Pharm.
[14:54] Anthony Wright: the “Government Anemic Propaganda”…but you didn’t hear it from me.
End of Bill Boyer buffer: Mon Sep 16 14:57:43 2002


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