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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, September 17, 2002 at 10:59 am by flerly.

Somebody heard my rant yesterday and had me a nice pot of flavored coffee waiting when I arrived. w00t! Complaining rocks!

On the business casual front… oh mah gawd. Jason came to work in a dress shirt and bathtowel, wrapped like a skirt… I kept hearing him say “It was the best I could do..” over and over, and finally when Kit came to visit, we checked it out, but alas he already had pants on under the towel by then.

My ride consisted of spilling coke on my skirt then catching my hose and putting a big run down the front of my leg…. so, already really late, I made an emergency pit stop at Target and bought the cheapest skirt I could find.. a little jean skirt (i needed another one.. yeah) and just said fuck it to the hose. Today we’ll play the “turn off’ the engineers game by showing off how much stubble I can grow overnight…

sexy…huh? You know you’re jealous! You want to touch my legs! Muahahaha!


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