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kill me now! Dye dye dye!

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, September 18, 2002 at 10:17 am by flerly.

Well, last night we went nuts and “played beauty parlor” and mr went aqua again. Myself, I TRIED to bleach a few highlights in, which worked okay, but the intent was to dye them purple the next morning, which did NOT go okay. That temp hair dye I bought for me is ghei and greasy, but the color is fine. When I realized it was ghei I decided to do only a few little streaks, hopefully enough for some opinions on the color. I think I need to find a better beauty supply place for some semi-perm purple AND just go for it and chunk my hair with some big fat white-blonde streaks. Gonna take some help to do.. wonder how patient mr james would be to do it, after I worked so long on his.

And well, splurged on some body clips to enhance the socially unacceptable image cheaper than an actual piercing, but I just don’t like them. Like Stacy warned me, they are hard to make stay in place… especially where I wanted them, which was eyebrow. I could do a convincing nose-ring no problem, or maybe lower lip, but both seemed an uncomfortable place to have to deal with a phony piercing all day at work.

More and more news is trickling in from the big meeting yesterday. I know it’s gonna be a bad day when I arrive at work with Jason instead of an hour ahead of him. It was early for both of us, but still not per the appointed time….

“If I had an aeroplane, I still couldn’t make it on time…”

So far all I know is there was a discussion on the “consequences of not making deadlines..” which all assume is addressed toward Jason. I swear Comstock is smoking some kind of crack… that boy does actually work at work.. no long lunches and consistent 60+ hour work weeks. Last week 80+… If he’s not making his deadlines it’s because they’re giving him an unrealistic schedule.

Anyway.. I was told that if I wanted the meeting scoop that I had to go to lunch “wi’da boyz” today, so guess I am.

In other newz my brain tried to explode last night, ie. had the worst fucking headache I can remember in a long time.. took the last two tylenol, four aspirin, and some kind JT attention to dull it so I could sleep. Instead of laying in bed grooving to the pulse of my throbbing head, I decided to stay up and watch Blade II instead… which, for a Blade fan, was just as good as the first one. Though, I have to say, it is not a movie that would make a hella lot of sense as a standalone… you really have to have seen the first one. Well, seen and enjoyed the first one. If you did, then watch the sequel.

Oh well.. work beckons.


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  1. tiger66466 has made a Comment

    funny that you did highlights – i am trying to decide what to do with my hair. it is definitely time for a trim and to shape up the layers but i am undecided on either (a) getting highlights again or (b) just going with a shiny dark brown. it’s expensive to do the highlights and they grow out and give the root thing while the dark brown is my natural color – i could do it myself and no visible roots. your thoughts?

    September 18, 2002 @ 8:02 am

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