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MORE Music to affect the mood…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, September 21, 2002 at 1:33 am by flerly.

When we seek and hide
When my hands are tied
69 positions and
whip cream all over my skin
lick you from bottom to root
love to get down with you

I am the automatic easy freak all over you…

Just have to say first thing, friends and neighbors, that I want to apologize in advance for the seedy turn my LJ posts may soon take. Apparently, and I did not know this, but LJ is a fabulous place to lament about your sexual frustrations in order to receive random (and perhaps anonymous) advise on what to DO about your situation. Nothing attracts an audience like sex, ladies and gentlemen, or skanks and skeezes as the case may be.

Hold on.. I have just received an urgent e-mail about how to fulfill my desire to see massive horse cock in tight teen pussy. Must go wash my eyeballs.

WE are chatting… I forward a bit of the text from the spam I just received with the comment.. I love porn spam, it makes me giggle…
his reply… zowy! so, did you follow the link?

You really do know how to strut that stuff
You really do know how to act tough
Your body’s just like a centerfold
A fantasy, anyone would want to hold

Oh, it’s late. I just realized. This past afternoon/evening of my life has passed in a blur. Is it possible to sleep with your eyes open? Little voice in my head told me that the Braves game was gonna be lame. Little voice was genius. Should have listened.

In the morning, evil fitness guru’s shall poke and prod me and confirm for me why I don’t ever need to do web cam shows, no matter how drunk I am. The enthusiasm about this gym venture just makes me vaklempt… I think it’s great if it works, but we both know your track record…

Yeah, I know the track record. I don’t like to do things in public alone, especially big, crowded, intimidating gyms, and despite every promise to get in more casual fun exercise together at home, mr james’ and my schedule just don’t mesh well enough to accomplish it. may be a lifesaver …i’m wearing that rubber band on my wrist, girlie…. Together we are gonna rock socks… and kick each other’s ass. It’s a holy sworn blood oath between us.

You play with desire like it was a toy
How much affection can you destroy?

Still my mind lingers on other things… bubbling bubbling… thoughts swirling, but always back to the same thing…

football….. shopping……

But I do my best to distract myself…

now he sends… “here is some gossip for you… sit down, take a deep breath, and check this… [gossip omitted to protect the stupid]”

I also earned a “misery loves company” sort of wish that I’d stayed behind from the Brave’s game to entertain the troops, ie, the engineers left behind to work while the whole rest of the company went to the game. Bad scheduling.. but they’re not bitter. They were told they could put off tonight’s server stuff and come in Saturday if they wanted…

Lover, I’m on the street
Gonna go where the bright lights
And the big city meet
With a red guitar…on fire

Such a one track mind. I think it’s time for bed and no one has said goodbye. Funny how some conversations just …. end.


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  1. schlemaggle has made a Comment

    you don’t know me, but i just thought i’d tell you…
    i think you write beautifully.
    oh. wait.
    you do know me?
    hmm. well, i don’t take it back.
    you do.

    September 21, 2002 @ 2:59 am

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