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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, September 21, 2002 at 4:34 pm by flerly.

Every piece of my body that has a nerve ending is aching… it’s because they made you do a real workout..*snicker* Yeah, that and another 45 minutes of cardio we did for good measure. We hurt, i’m pretty sure it’s not just me.

Good for us girlz.

* * *

we were chatting last night, it is late, i write that I need to go to bed because of my appointment with the fitness trainer in the morning…
he replies..

ooh, honey, j00r going to go into that gyme
and see all of those mens, with their hot sweaty bodies,
and you’re going to melt, and when you jump into the pool
the water is going to sizzle and steam all over.

Then clarifies.. I heard Bally’s is a meat market.

All of this cracks me up immensely. I explain that the “mens with their bodies” or more precisely, their BuLgInG MuScLeS is a major part of the motivation to go…

He bids me goodnight, with a little offhand poem. I guess some conversations don’t just …end

Little one don’t be a fool
I’m a wreck when I look mighty
In euphoria I’m bruised
In confusion next I’m lightning
In complacence I am small
Through oblivion I charge

I was asked to explain the purpose of these funkadelic marked-up posts of late, and I can only say thus is my mood… I think these are more interesting to look at, to read, and more true to the thought process of my mind. 99% of what I think should make it to a livejournal post never does. It all gets boilled down to 1%, so why not let it be interesting.

She’s going to change the world… but she can’t change me

So, I call my mother, because I’m a bad daughter and rarely keep in touch. I tried to get her into emails, but her spelling is atrocious and she won’t write back. She requires the full effort of voice to voice communication, though prefers the person to person type. Who doesn’t. She needs to move closer.

It is strange because at gyme we were just talking about strange family members.. what’s hot and what’s not… evil step-whatevers and realizing how I don’t relate to people with two sets of parents. Well I admit that I don’t like a certain *in-law because of his tendency to… well..be too touchy. I used to see them frequently, or at least regularly, and it bothered me most until I found out about my resemblence to his ex, so I rationalized… I must just remind him of her and he doesn’t think about it sometimes and is too touchy, looks too long, etc.

If my life were a television show, it would NOT be Degrassi…

It would, rather, have required me to receive some sort of incest porn spam on that cue, but that didn’t happen. Guess this is real life and not some drama in my head.

[post edited]

So now you start to recognize
That every single path you see
Leads to a tear in your eye
So wave goodbye, wave goodbye

There’s just so much other stuff going on to linger on those old issues. I’ve said it a million times here, I just don’t think they understand me. They forget that they used to be a lot like me, and I guess they might fear that their children may turn out like me.

Nothing can be done about all that, so I keep my distance and hope [relative] decides to visit me sometime. I miss her.

Speaking of the “other stuff”… Monday night dinner will screw up our “set-in-stone” schedule at the gyme, so we wonder… IF we go tomorrow, normal day of rest, have we already let ourselves be too lenient? Are we already taking a step back when we’ve only just begun to forge ahead?

Every hurtful thing you ever said
Is ringing in your ear

It’s time to stop this lament and return to the productive Saturday I was trying to have.


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