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Since it had been a long time…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, September 22, 2002 at 6:35 pm by flerly.

You may be running into obstacles recently that make you stop and question the path you are on, dear Scorpio. Perhaps you have been acting on assumptions that are no longer valid. This is a time when you need to question your goals and figure out where you need to focus your attention in order to be the most effective. To make matters worse, there is an emotional thorn in your side that is making it difficult for you to change. The familiar route is likely to be the most comfortable, but, unfortunately, not necessarily the most beneficial.

Wow.. aren’t horror-scopes the best? At least 4 out of every year’s worth really nail it. Color me amazed. I’m getting chillbumps.

It was like a train wreck..

Monster’s Ball, that is. Succinct comment by . I’m suprised that it has an 86% on rottentomatoes.com. Perhaps we just weren’t in the mood. Not the best Sunday after breakfast movie. We should have gone to see Blue Crush…

No Sex and the City tonight, since it was a short season. So, I don’t guess the girlz will be coming over. It’s just as well, I guess, since it’s another one of those Sundaze where my head is thick and I’m feeling on the verge of illness. I cannot believe it is nearly 7 pm. Where did the day go? The nights of really bad dreams always mess me up. Other than the breakfast we cooked and ate together at the table, this whole day has been on a downward spiral…

i’m so tired. just like.. from head to toe and deep inside to my soul. i’m so freaking tired in a way sleep doesn’t fix. i feel drained and small. i feel like i’m losing it.

That quote is mine. Last night. Perhaps the downward spiral started far earlier than today.

Love me to death cause I need the sleep
I’ve been wide awake

Enough Chris Cornell.. too depressing. Time to find shoes and force a half hour out of me on the “bug-machine” in front of Cartoon Network… exercise and animated slapstick (and perhaps a few aspirin) is bound to cure what ails me today.


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